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Oh! I love red-winged blackbirds. We don't have 'em around here (too dry), but I remember how common they were when I was growing up in Ohio. (There was a marsh near my house where they would nest). I love that call - we always described it as "O-ka-leeeee!" that they make.

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Oh, oh! At our last house we had bird feeders. Red wing blackbirds would visit us in enormous numbers, wipe out our supply of bird seed, but it was so worth it. Literally hundreds would perch in a huge tree on our backyard and serenade us with the most beautiful music and calls! I was amazed at just how many sounds these birds could make :)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009  

Not the flu

But it may as well have been. I was sick as the proverbial dog this past week. I'm just getting back on my feet. Went back to work yesterday - a good move, since on Saturday, all the other offices are closed so nobody in any of them can complain that you didn't do the things you said you'd do. Which you couldn't because you hadn't planned on getting sick.

I had been wanting a week off this winter. I had the accumulated leave. But I'd looked over my schedule and decided I didnt have time to take off now. I'd do it later. My body decided otherwise. This happened last August too, when things were sort of slowed down but not quite - and again, I had the leave, but I decided "No. Not now." and my body gave me a sinus infection.

Next time I think I need some vacation, by golly, I'm going to take it!

All the samples for the class are done. It's just a matter of writing up the handouts - which I shall do next weekend. I'm between projects right now. There's just enough time, possibly, to get started on a wool sweater. I certainly have enough wool to knit (for about 108 years) but I want to use some bulky weight to make a jacket in with shaped waist and seed stitch collar and cuffs.

But I never knit in bulky weight yarn. I've been sampling on a size 9 but it's still a little too tight. A 10 would be better but the next size up I have is a 10.5 which I think will be too big. I guess... I guess I have to buy some more needles. Poor Me.

I have to do an order for the class kits so it will be easy for me to add that on, but here's the rub. I want to wait till I have a better idea of how many students signed up for the class. I don't want to make up kits and find the class has been canceled due to no signups. But I don't want to make 2 orders and pay 2 shipping costs.

Of course, if this is the only problem in my life - I should count myself lucky, right? It isnt of course, but most of the problems in my life are about this size so, in fact, I am lucky and will stop complaining. This is mostly just filler because I don't have anything interesting to write about.

So. Instead I will show you something magical that appeared yesterday!

Yes. One of the sweetest sounds of End-0-Winter. The Red Winged Blackbird. How I love that sound of his tooteling call. It's chilly today and we may even get a little slushy snow mixed in with our promised rain, but I know. I know that springtime is coming and there will be beautiful sights and sweet scents and many songs that both calm and energize you just one step outside my door.

I'm wishing that same knowledge for you all as the earth tilts back towards the sun.

Happy Sunday.

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