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Sunday, February 01, 2009  

Knitting photos come last

Oh la! Has it been since Tuesday! I'm sorry about that. Life has swamped me and if the horoscope people are right – it will continue to do so through most of this year. Happily – I like surf and I can swim and besides – it's all just so much fun. Busy. But fun. Not like 2007 which was busy and horrible.

I spent yesterday in Richmond at a play with BH and her girls. This was her Christmas gift to me. This year we exchanged theater tickets. So I'm giving the house only a lick and a promise – swiping vacuum over hairy rugs, hitting the bathroom sink and mirror and changing sheets. Because today I plan to visit with my niece and then paint.

I only started the Friday painting class picture. I had just the one hour since we'd had to move the class to lunchtime and the rackumfrackum dvd player at work does not have a fast forward or a rewind button on it. At least, none of us could find it. When we needed to stop and actually do the technique being demonstrated we could do so, but if we missed something and needed to back up a bit .... we had to start all the freakin' way back at the beginning again!!

These paintings take about an hour to do – at least, I can do them in an hour at home – but not if I have to keep watching the same opening scene over and over again. When we can take the class in the morning before work on Friday I can actually go on more than an hour and just skip lunch. We do paperwork on Fridays and it's not so important if I do my 2 hours from 10 – 12 or from 11-1. Just so I open up to the public at 1 o'clock. My classmates finished up their paintings with gleeful success. I brought the dvd home with me to finish up mine. And I want to paint another one too – or do some brush stroke exercises. So that is what Sunday afternoon will be devoted to.

I can do this because I have been so good with my lace samples. Yes! I know this is a knitting blog. Of course, first of all it's TheQueen's blog but still and all -here is proof of knitting.

Same pretty lace edging stitch in Sugar'n'Cream with #8 needles (wouldn't that make a nice sweater cuff?):

In DMC Pearl Cotton #5 on size 1 needles (with a little leaf knit with #3's)

And in same DMC Pearl cotton on a #3 needle.

Daffodil knitting.

Have fun with your toys!

posted by Bess | 8:51 AM