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Sunday, February 08, 2009  

I wish I worked in a library so I could read books all day too.

Statement heard by every librarian who ever lived

You're all so right about the Information Technology (library jargon) debacle. There have been developments, though. The first ITM (the one I didn't tell present ITM about) used to work for the school system and when he registered our domain name he used his school email address. Yes. You are getting the picture here. The school system's ITM has created an email for the long gone ITM and my new ITM was able to log in and get the information he needed.

Some things go beyond bizarre, hmmm?

We have won this round but the fight is not over. We can't call it a victory till our library web page is back up and working. Let us hope it will happen by the end of next week, since there is more to the story. There is always more. Before all came crashing down, I tried to update the web site and somehow disconnected it from the library collection database. When it was accessible you could look at the page but you couldn't find out what was in our collection.

Ah well. Sumpum's always happ'nin in a library.

Knitting blog? Knitting blog? You expect me to be knitting through all this? Well, of course I am. But nothing vividly interesting. I'm still making lace edges. Pretty ones like this:

With help from my bird friends.

There is a beautiful royal blue edge on a hand towel – but it is upstairs and the camera and computer are downstairs and I am too lazy to get them together. I'll have a photo of it soon, though, since I want a picture of the lace being knit onto a foundation of blanket stitch embroidery along the edge of the towel, to put in the handouts. It's easy to do but it might be difficult to explain ... a picture will fill in all my meager words leave out.

After a week of bitter cold and No Snow! Grrrr, we have typical Virginia February temperatures .... 68 and sunshine. The house is sparkley clean, maybe more so than I might have cleaned it but I have a bit of a sore throat. If I'm going to be under the weather I don't want to lie in bed looking at dust dinosaurs rolling around on my bedroom floor. And if I can shake this thing off – well – there. I'll just have a nice clean house.

Today is S's 50th birthday and we are gathering to help her mourn her youth. But with any spare time I can scrounge up today I plan to paint. While the sun is so glorious and the trees have no leaves on them I may also go out and capture some sylvan architecture.

Happy Sunday to you all.

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