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Monday, February 02, 2009  

Here is a finished cuff pulled up over my pajama sleeve.

What a cute t-shirt embelishment this becomes. It goes swiftly too so I think this will be the first project my students knit. I'll give them enough yarn to make a pair - it comes to about 70 yards so each ball of P&C ought to yield 3 pair. I also plan to give them 2 skeins of DMC #5 pearl cotton to knit the same lace edging on smaller needles to sew to a hand towel. I'm thinking that there ought also to be, in their materials kit, a pair of #3 wooden needles with snarp tips - and that means purchasing KnitPicks harmony double points and dividing them up among the students.

I don't really try to make $ on the kits - just so I break even - but if I have to get the needles - and these are quilters, not knitters, so I don't expect them to have much of a stash of good quality needles - I'll have to consider the shipping costs. Still and all I think I can do that - break even - and we can have a very productive class.

My weekend had to flex itself into a different shape from what I had anticipated because my niece came for a visit. I knew she was coming but I hadn't realized how soon. We poured over old family photos and I gave her a stack from the hoard I brought home when we closed out Mama and Daddy's house. There are mountains of them and going through them with her made me realize the enormity of the task. It is SO big I believe it's time for

TaskMistress! (photo coming soon)

The chore mistress who breaks big projects down into doable tasks.

Because I have 3 boxes of these things and we only went through 1. And some are getting stuck to photo albums because, back then, we didn't know about acid paper and other destroyers of the minutia of our memories. But with the aid of TM maybe I can winnow this stuff down to someting useful and valuable (How many photographs of me as a 1 year old in a coat and hat on the Florida beaches does any family need?)

Of course the upside to all that would be Space In The Spare (sort of) Room. A rare and valuable comodity.

oh la - I just wish I had another day off. I am so in the mood to stay home today. Alas. It can not be. Off, be off, oh Queen. It's Monday already.

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