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I need you to put your blog on Ravelry so it shows when you post -- I will read every time promise ;) for some reason it doesn't show up anywhere for me... and I forget my name so I surely can't remember to check blogs unless it pops up in my face

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009  

Stars in the sky!

You are about to overcome an obstacle that has stood in your way for ages. It may be no different but finally, you are at a point where you can adopt a more constructive attitude. There's a Solar eclipse on due on 26th January. Be ready for this life changing astrological alignment...

The star advisers have been warning me about this eclipse for a long time. Be ready for life changing success, especially in the areas of health and daily work. And I can believe Stuff Is Coming just by looking at the trail left by stuff that has already come. MsHoroscope says to play this weekend because I'm about to be flooded by daily werkwerkwerk. Being a Virgo, with Saturn in my sign right now, this is not a daunting thought at all, but rather a bit of comfort to my put-it-away librarian's soul.

Being January, one of the most thought filled and creative months of my year, I've spent some time devising plans for making use of this starry situation, but you will have to wait until after the 26th to hear my plans. ( I know you are waiting on pins and needles )


What have I been doing with this brand new year? Still working on that ASS. I knit away on those sleeves, basted the long seam together and tried it on. Happily it fits. It needs 3 more inches on both sleeves which are almost done – maybe 6 more garter ridges on one sleeve. Happily the yarn feels yummy, even against my skin. Happily it has the look of clever creative artist to it. Sadly – the diagonals blossom out right where the matronly part of my round body need the most disguising. But hey – I don't really care. I knew it was unlikely to be a flattering garment on my body type. This is a wearable art statement, not a fashion statement and certainly not a hot walking away body costume. I will wear this sweater because I love the colors and I'll wear it to impress other knitters. Unlike D's Dramatic Wrap which elicits whistles from construction workers, this is a bragging sweater for a knitter.

I make no promises about photos of a FO because I've yet to fulfill all the other ones I've made, but I will offer you some spinning photos.

I don't remember when I purchased this vivid handpainted silk.

I have 6 balls of carefully stripped fiber, all wound so that I could, if I wanted to, ply to maintain the color changes. I'm not much of a Navajo ply fan. I can do it but I don't like how it looks. I've only seen one sample of NP yarn that I admired. So care mus be taken up front if one wants to ply two singles together and match up the colors. Let us hope I have taken sufficient care.

I didn't have a penny this morning or a dime or whatever - but here's a shot of the control yarn I keep tied around the Mother-of-All.

Here's a closeup of the singles on the bobbin. I tried to capture the shiny but at least you can see the tiny.

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