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That's lovely!

By Blogger Catherine, at 9:45 AM  

What a fantastic thing to do with friends! I love the picture...I love watercolors!

By Blogger jane, at 10:01 AM  

Very nice painting.

I find I have real problems with "first efforts" not being, as I'm learning to play the piano, I wish I could feel that kind of love and ownership for my imperfect renditions of things.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 1:35 PM  

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Sunday, January 25, 2009  

Always something going on down here

Lawsee! It's Sunday already and all the horoscope gurus are clamoring about the New Moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius coming tomorrow. Typical of the advice I've been getting since Christmas is this from MsHoroscope: The eclipse makes today a GREAT moment to set your intentions and make your wishes for the coming year.

Since they have been telling me for weeks that this is the time to make Great Strides towards healthy living, I will share, tomorrow or Tuesday, my grand scheme for better living. Just the thing for January, hmmm?

In other great things I have at last picked up my watercolor paints. They're so old they're almost dried out. Happily these pigments respond to – guess what? - Water! So it's just a matter of digging the colors out of the tubes. Some are still as good as new and I see I really do need to get another Paynes Gray. But otherwise I have been enjoying becoming reacquainted with an old friend.

There is something of a back story to this which, being TheQueen around here, I'll share.

I have an employee who has an artist's eye. She does not come from a background that embraced art, or even dabbled in it. Her modest beginnings were too busy taking care of other essentials. But now in mid-life she has started reaching out in ways she'd never dreamed of as a young woman. I've noticed her flair for displays, for photography, even for fashion; all things which hint at a longing for the beauty with which art fills our life.

Last fall we got in some new dvd's about watercolor painting. I'd been looking for something for the beginner and Frank Clarke's Simply Painting dvd's looked like just the trick. I took home the first one, watched it and instantly felt the itch to pick up brush and paint once again. I also knew that two of my staff needed to see this. One already paints but could use a bit of loosening up and the other just needed an opportunity to try. One morning we were all there early and I loaded this disc on the projector and we all watched a lesson. Then I was sure. Somebody was going to get a paint kit for Christmas and we were all three of us going to sit down and paint these lessons. I needed it to get me back into the groove, D needed it, as I said, to loosen up, and S needed it, and the moral support of painting buddies, to get started.

We scheduled last Friday for our first class and all of us got there early only to find that the projector had been lent out! What a hoot – we'd booked the room but not the equipment. We hardly ever lend out the projector but we will do so, to organizations and county departments. It was a bit of a flummox, but we were, after all, in a library and would not be daunted. We used one of the watercolor painting books – which was not so easy for a class since we were all painting the same thing and had only the one photo to look at. But it was a start. And we booked the room AND projector for next Friday.


Here is my first effort. Full of blotches but, like my ugly handspun yarn babies, precious to me because of what it represents.

posted by Bess | 7:27 AM