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Monday, December 01, 2008  

You can breathe out. At last. Often, when we have to cope with difficult scenarios, we tense up without even realising it. Our bodies 'hold' the stress that our minds are going through. Our necks stiffen, our shoulders grow tight. It is only later, when we relax, that we see how uncomfortable we have been. Either physically or emotionally, you have lately been compensating for a lot of pressure. Soon you'll start to recognise what you have really been upset or cross about, and why it is now safe to relax.

In any case, today should be a good day for Virgos, as Venus kisses Jupiter in your Fun Zone.

Well, my Virgo sisters, and any other readers out there ... that is what Mr. And Ms. Horoscope have to say about today. A good day.

I could use a good day. Not that I have had a bunch of bad days this past month, but for most of it we've been sick and sad. We are still sad – though not that frozen sad of Grit Your Teeth days that filled the first few weeks of November. On Thanksgiving Day, BD brought out photos of his brother and put them on the dresser in the living room, the piece of furniture that does the work of a fireplace mantel. There is a very good photograph that was used in the funeral program and it prompted lots of opportunities for BD to talk about his brother. This was the first sign I've seen of the healing process. We had some conversation about a memorial gift last night, another good sign. And he was able to get in touch with our sister-in-law ... something he had not been able to do earlier. All in all we are moving in the right direction and one month after losing a brother, that is a very good thing.

We seem to have licked that nasty flu bug too which is an additional good thing. I am ready for good things and good days and just all round goodness.

I am also giving serious consideration to these monthly goals. Each month I've put up a little scroll with a few things I'd like to accomplish over the next 4 and a half weeks. And rarely do I accomplish them! This is the third time I've put “finish the surprise sweater” on the goal scroll and it's still not done. As a process person (think, mothers of toddlers, librarians always putting books back on the shelves, daydreamers, ENFP's) coming to completion is not particularly rewarding for me. I am glad I have hand knit socks in my sock drawer, but I'm not thrilled by the thought of them. I am pleased when someone notices my socks. I'm happy when I'm wearing them. But I'm really only thrilled by the opportunity to cast on another sock!

And yet.

And yet, without at least giving a nod to some goals, would I ever finish anything? I'm not sure.

Well, I am sure I would finish a few things, but would I move in vivid interesting directions? The Creativity Jar helps some with productivity and I have enjoyed that, but it was designed for short term goal achievement. A sweater's worth of achievement is a mighty task for this Woman With Stash.

I was taught time management in the School of List Making and I am pretty durn good at that. If I have Things To Do, I can organize my life around TTD lists, tick items off, and get to the end. But is that actually a goal? The Goal Theory of time management is that you do all this list ticking for a reason. You want to be at some different place, either physical or spiritual, that is rewarding and satisfying to you, so you set that as a goal. It doesn't matter if you get there by wishing, by luck, by orderly steps, or because someone picks you up and takes you there. So. My monthly goal scrolls are starting to look more like TTD lists aren't they?

The goal. What is the goal? Where do I want to be? Oooo. Now that is a topic for pondering and thought and serious consideration. It is no surprise to me that at the end of a year, the last month, the month of goofing off, if only in my mind, for 31 days, that I should begin to consider the ultimate question.

Where do I want to be?


Well. I'm not exactly sure. I will have to think on this and let you know at the end of the month. January is a good time to commit to a goal.

In the mean time, I've managed to fill up a whole blog post with nothings. As a reward for those who have read to the bottom – here are photos of the Surprise Sweater – the button band is done.

Oops. It is NOT done. I forgot to put the top button hole in. Well, a little ripping back is okay. It's only 3 rows.

I particularly like the corners at the neckline.

And I have begun working on the short rows at the elbows. Three pair look to be enough. I will decrease 2 stitches every inch in the center of the sleeve till I get to the wrists. I-cord bindoff is the plan -but I'll do it after I've seamed the shoulder seam.

I'm also thinking of knitted ball buttons. But that is for next week.

Now, aren't you glad you read to the bottom?

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