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Tuesday, December 30, 2008  

Two Horoscopes

From Mr.H:

Tomorrow night brings the awkward convergence of an earthly tradition and a cosmic apparition. Normally, New Year's Eves come and go without too much fuss. We celebrate. We sing. We make our resolutions then we carry on. But what if some heavenly force were secretly listening in to our every vow, offering full celestial support in ensuring those promises were completely carried out? Tomorrow night, Saturn turns stationary. Such conditions favor those who wish to make a decision and 'cast it in concrete' so that it can never be changed. Be very careful not to make a 'negative' resolution.

Don't fear the worst; imagine the best. Employ your powers of creativity to conjure up a scenario in which everything works out wonderfully. The eventual outcome, of course, won't match this idealistic vision. It will, though, resemble it more than it does the more gloomy picture you feel tempted to paint. You are right to concentrate on the carrot that lies before you rather than the stick that looms behind you. For, even in these last few remaining hours of 2008, it is possible to achieve something you feel justly proud of. You haven't got a 'problem'. You have an incredible opportunity.

And from Ms.H:

When it comes to seizing opportunities you've learned now that sometimes you just have to take the plunge. Hopefully you've also learned how little good worry does and how much of a drain it is on your precious energy. Be on the look out for a creative solution at work that presents itself almost out of the ethers. Right now your instincts are more on point than you imagine regarding most people in your life. Search beneath the emotional surface for a universal truth. If you feel like you are taking a great big risk - don't worry; the pay off will be equal in measure.

I hadn't planned to write a post so soon – I'm busy enough as it is, plus I intend to write a New Year post all about resolutions and plans and such. But these two horoscopes were so uncannily accurate I had to put them up. This is exactly what is going on in my life. I haven't a gloomy care in the world. I'm truly quite pumped and energized. But whew am I busy and whew do I have werk2do.

I am seizing and plunging and conjuring to beat the band. And by golly, I am having so much fun!

I don't usually read other sign's predictions but I hope yours are as exciting as mine are. And for my Virgo sises (and bros, of course) I hope you're having as much fun as I am.

posted by Bess | 7:34 AM