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Wow! Don't we wish that all county officials were that excited about their public library. The world would be a wonderful place.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008  

Stars in the sky!

The Sun is headed for a hard link to Saturn in your sign. When this happens, it's like the Universe is shining a very bright torch at your sign and reminding you that you're DOOMED to work very hard at the moment. Yes, DOOMED! But don't be too down about it! Because after the DOOM comes the JOY and RELIEF of knowing you did all you could. And if you're still not quite doing all you can, buck up and begin! This tough cycle could yet be the MAKING OF YOU!

Sometimes these things are so uncannily right on target it makes the hairs on my arms stand up.

I have a meeting with our new county administrator today. I dropped in to meet him just before Thanksgiving and he had a grant application on his desk for library funding. He invited me to sit and chat a bit about the library (poor fellow – didn't realize he was pricking the Talking Balloon Mouth) and in the course of the conversation he said “Well, my dream for the Essex Public Library ....”

It was a good think he kept talking, since I was stunned silent for a bit. I mean – a county official with a dream about the library? In my 30 years here there hasn't been anyone but Womans Club members and library board members who had any thoughts at all about the library. “It's a nice place but I like to buy my books” is the common refrain from the board of supervisors (which is probably only partially true – what they mean is “I only read professional literature to do with my day job.” or even more likely “Oh god – I might run into my sister-in-law there!!”

We haven't been shunned, by any means. But we haven't been on the radar, either. Now, here is this fellow with a more sophisticated view of what a library is and what it can be and he's got this grant opportunity (with a January 9 deadline!!!) and he has a dream about the library?

We're going to get together on this one. Yes. If it's fruitful it will mean a ton of work between now and 1/9/09. But then..... What's a little work, hmmmm?After all, I have only Christmas to contend with, and out of town guests coming in tomorrow, and sock knitting and parents who are needing my assistance, or rather, sister who needs help with parents. I feel like a chaos lightening rod – but I know this. When opportunity knocks I will at least peek through the security hole. Might even answer the door.

And this is Hump Day? Well. Have a good one.

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