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Saturday, December 06, 2008  

Saturday at last!!

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I'm so happy it's the weekend – and a Christmas December cold frosty one. Miraculously the house has remained fairly clean and tidy this week and I don't intend to do a lick of housework beyond the laundry – which isn't really work. I like my clothes. I like the smell of clean clothes. I enjoy folding them and putting them away. I even like ironing in the wintertime – though I often don't get around to it, only to discover lost favorites at the bottom of the basket. But the scent of warm cotton floating up off the newly wrinkle free fabric makes me feel both loved (reminds me of mama) and productive.

I finished making the Christmas cards yesterday and will begin addressing them today or at least, tonight. I enjoy this annual card writing ritual. I buy a lovely new slender gel pen – or whatever new type of pen that has delighted me as it debuted on the market in a given year – and take the Rolodex to the dining room table. Then, starting with the A's, I work my way through the list of people I am thinking of, missing, and loving. It usually takes several days. Often I set a goal of 10 cards each night. Though the cards are all the same, I like to think of each one as a special note to each recipient so there's always a wee bit of catching up written above our signatures, though nothing like a Christmas letter. After all, some folk already know about this or that event that has peppered my year, while others haven't yet heard.

I love getting cards but I love sending them with equal delight.

Surprise sweater? Do not ask. The sleeves are going so S L O W L Y. And there are socks, whining from their respective hiding places, nastily reminding me that there are only 3 weeks more till they must be unveiled. There is also decorating to do and perhaps a wee bit more baking. I haven't yet tried one of those tipsy cakes though I plan to sample one today. The idea is to add more rum till they are ripe – but when a cake is ripe will be an adventurous discovery for me.

The week was weirdly difficult to pin down – I did accomplish the serious goals, but it feels like I frittered away the whole week. That's not true, of course. Our expanded computer network for the public opened up yesterday; officially doubled and officially over budget. Well, this was one of those projects that, once started, had to be carried to completion. It will be worth it in the end. I'll also know better how to estimate the labor charges next time. Our new IT man is very good, actually the best I've ever had, but library networks – networks that have a lot of public use – are something new for him. He hadn't thought about .... all the issues yet and believe me, anything that has to do with the public has issues. It's up and running now and it's the most secure network we've ever had – and the fastest. This is a true happy day for me.

No gym. Boo. Too much snackey eating too. A second boo. But hey – it's December. It's Christmas! We have the Christmas music on. It's a splendid time of year. May your weekend roll out sweetly and bring you joy.

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