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Tuesday, December 09, 2008  

Christmas is Coming

It's that hectic time of year again – December always has fewer days than any other month, February notwithstanding. And I am absolutely struggling with enemy Christmas Socks knit from Knitpicks superwash sock yarn. As God is mah whitnuss, I will never buy Knitpicks sock yarn again. Been stung twice by them and I am absolutely not getting caught there again. I'm at the last quarter of a pair of socks in the slipperiest slitheriest ... I might even say slimiest yarn I've ever worked with. It stretches out so thin as you knit on it you'd think it was lace weight. It splits and it is driving me crazy. And I am almost done with the durn things. And they might defeat me yet!

And every time I pick up the Surprise Sweater I hear the holiday clock ticking and know I really am supposed to finish up Christmas socks. For the boy who doesn't want anything else I feel I can do no less than give him a pair of mama-love socks as a gift. Once a year you'd think I could do a little better.

Still and all, there has been inching movement on the SS – and all of it slightly defective. But – hey – this is a knitting blog and I can rip it all out and do it right if I want to so here are some photos.

This is the sleeve with the short rows in them. I did the wrap & turns 2 stitches apart – and that was my first mistake. They should have been about an inch apart. Then the slope would have been more gradual.

It's hard to test the sleeve of this sweater to see if it's long enough by holding it up to my arm. Of course, I could always get another sweater I like, measure it with a yardstick and then measure this sleeve to see if it is the right length. But that would mean getting up from my chair when I have a lap full of little bits of yarn. Once I put all those balls of yarn down, I might not come back!

So I guessed, decreasing in the center every 4 garter ridges. Then it seemed the sleeve would end up too wide at the wrist. So I began decreasing every other garter ridge. Bad knitting math. The sudden change made this ugly hump.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

Yes I am.

I'll baste the top together and try it on and see if it even shows.

And then – I will be more careful with the other sleeve. And then I'll probably be so dissatisfied I'll rip out this sleeve and do it right.

After Christmas.


At Tara.

posted by Bess | 6:57 AM