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Tuesday, November 04, 2008  

What's blooming in the garden still!!

Bouncing Bet a.k.a. Saponaria officinalis

Thank you friends, who have been sending kind and encouraging words. They have been of deep comfort. I keep thinking I'll write something wonderful about Brother and then just sort of drift away, not really believing he isn't just across the Potomac from us. There will be a memorial service soon and not only are all the siblings and their children coming, but I believe a goodly numbeof second, third, and fourth cousins will be there too. Both of my boys are flying in this weekend.


Both my boys?? you ask.

Yes. There is a mostly-absent, but much loved, SS who lives far off in west coast land. He didn't grow up with us and tended to drift towards grandma's house when he visited, so somehow he isn't a part of the masonry or even the tapestry of TheCastle. He was a splendid big brother, though, to LD and none of the grownups involved ever interfered with that. LD spent long weekends at SS's home and once he was old enough to stay up all night with the big boys he was at grandmas almost as much as the rest of the boy cousins. TheCastle ended up being where all the girl cousins stayed - so much that BD started calling it Bess' Girls Camp. R, the bride, spent durn near all her summers at TheCastle from age 10 on. All this swapping of children seemed so loving and tender and natural that nobody could be jealous about who stayed where. All us grownups raised all them chill'un.

Anyway – it is how things turned out and they are both flying in on Friday. I'll be riding down from Baltimore with a nephew and his family, with my Stitches booty safely in his trunk. I'll be missing my lace class on Saturday but there will be other opportunities to take a lace class. What will be sweet is the time spent with my friend B, whose busy life has veered off in a different direction from my recent busy life. We're going to visit, knit, shop and dine together for 2 nights and 2 days. A sweet reward after all the work we've done the past few weeks.

As for my ASJ (I keep vacillating between calling it a sweater and a jacket – I just balk at the acronym ASS. ), I haven't knit a lot on it. I spent Sunday pondering the button placement and now I'm worried it will be too short – even for a woman who likes short jacket sweaters. It will be easy to rip out the button band right now – even though I woke in the night having dreamed the complete mathematical placement of each of those buttons. I'll think a little more today and knit on BH's Christmas socks instead. Still – I do have a photo of it in its present state – along with Mother Nature's inspiration for My Favorite Colorway.

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