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Thursday, November 20, 2008  

This week the creativity jar tells me to make a hat. I'm so glad since that's just want I want to do. At least, I want to escape having to make a leap into the button band of my surprise sweater. The all important color choice is waiting to cook a little longer in the oven of my brain. I am counting on hearing a little ding on Sunday morning that will advise me to pick it back up and knit away. There is still a November goal of completion in the side bar. I'd be tickled pink to make that goal. Then I can sink into December/Christmas knitting with a clear creativity center and come January 1 I'll be free to cast on anything I want!
I'm getting better and crossing fingers the heart patient doesn't come down with this crud. This is no time for him to be coughing his lungs out. Working in my office, I've given instructions to field all calls with the information that I have laryngitis. Since this is the truth, it's easy to ask my staff to do this for me. Catching up on the serious stuff at last.

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