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What a warm-colored cozy-looking hat. Nice to see your creativity "swirling." :)

By Blogger cathy, at 7:03 PM  

Happy almost your Thanksgiving, Dear Bess! What a cute hat -- and Christmas Set. I admire your firm, neat snail swirl. I tried one of those in a Schoolhouse Press KAL some months ago, and couldn't escape holes on the increase/decrease. I'd try again if you have some tips for success...

Hugs and Best Wishes!

By Anonymous Marg in Mirror, at 10:37 AM  

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Monday, November 24, 2008  

Nostalgia and knitting

You have been through something crazy and chaotic. This week, you are starting to come out the other side.

Well, ain't that the truth, Mr. Horoscope?

I spent the weekend being weepily nostalgic. I am sure some of that is because I'm still not fully recovered from the crud. I haven't had a lot of energy and the holidays are fast upon us! And LD , who will be working in a foreign state on Thanksgiving Day, took some personal leave time to visit us and pick up his bird dog from bird dog college. He left mid-day on Saturday so that's another reason to get all soppy.

Normally, I love looking back at the past – it's a rich source of love, strength and confidence for me. I'm not sentimental, though from all the clutter I cling to, “just in case” or “because it was William's” you'd think I was. A large part of that is just laziness. It is a maxim one can bank on, that clutter will expand to fill your storage space.

But as I move forward in time, the things that are gone for good are even more precious to me in my memory and I've noticed the past few years, especially since my parents moved into assisted living, that when I pluk up those snapshots in my memory I ache a little bit even as I feel the cozy.

It is holiday memories that have been pricking my tear ducts this weekend. Do you realize there are less than 6 weeks left in 2008?!? Of course you did. And you already have your holiday organized and laid out in neat steps that lead you to a glittering New Year's celebration with the person of your dreams waltzing you beneath the holiday ball at the big party, or bringing you champagne on the white fur rug as you lean back against the pillows and gaze satisfyingly into the crackling fire. Right?

And I am trying to figure out if I can get the windows washed before Christmas or if it will be too cold to stand outdoors scrubbing the fortyzillion little panes of glass in my down stairs windows. The weather dot com guys are calling for snow next Monday. Snow! In December! In Virginia!!

Well. This certainly isn't the post I thought I'd be making today. Funny what the fingers do when you sit down at a keyboard.

What I intended to do was show Proof of Creativity. Here is what I've been working on.

I've been in love with Elizabeth Zimmermann's nail hat ever since I saw it in one of her videos. I knew it was the hat for me and since the CJ told me to knit a hat this week, and since I have a plethora of stash yarn now, and particularly since I adore the colors in this yarn, I cast on.

I had to fiddle with the proportions, and it's really too small for me. (my head is 22 inches!!) But I can knit another version of this hat for me and add more stitches in the knit part. EZ rewrote the pattern to have only 3 segments, to work better with the particular yarn she liked to use, but I believe I prefer the 5 segment hat.

I became enamored of this spiraling shape, though, as I knit this hat. I kept thinking of ways it could be used in other garments. What about a sweater body? Well – only for a child, but it would be fun to make a sort of Michelin Tire Man sweater for a 4 year old using this shaping. Or what about puffed sleeves? What about some sort of holiday yarn with glitter or beads? Some Tilly Tomas yarn? What about a Renasance sleeve, straight from wrist to above the elbow and then all swirly puffy above?

Things to think about.

What I did decide was to make a Christmas gift out of this hat by adding a pair of Maine Morning Mitts from the KnittyBOY book by Clara Parkes. There was just a wee bit of the orange yarn left. Perfect to trim out a pair of rustic mitts and coordinate them to the hat. The first mitt knit up in about 2 hours so I ought to finish the second one by tomorrow when I can show the set off at Tuesday Night knitters.

Here's a picture of the top swirl of the hat. Isn't it cute?

So. Happy Monday before Thanksgiving. May all your memories be sweet and my you have Friday to knit.

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