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I'm so glady you're feeling better...I've given my germs to Bob! He hasn't thanked me,yet! Jane

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008  

Modern meds, ancient treatments, bit of knitting talk

Thank heaven for modern medicine! I am truly a different person from the woman of Monday, weeping about the rocks in her throat and coughing till she had to go change her pants. But thank heaven also, for ancient treatments as well, for the nightly hours, even supported by modern chemistry, had been chimed by my hacking lungs. And then I remembered visiting Stratford Hall one year and listening to a docent comment on how short colonial beds were.

“It's not that the people were so short, but that so many of them suffered from lung complaints. They slept propped up on pillows in a half sitting position in order to breathe at night.”

And so did I, last night, the whole night through! Imagine, the current fad of mountains of pillows heaped on luxury beds isn't a style thing, but a harkening back to the days of consumption. I wonder if Bed Bath and Beyond knows this?

And so, fortified with 8 hours of Z's I shall take myself in to the office after 2 weeks away, with only slight reluctance. I admit I could grow very used to these sweet days at home, especially as I feel so much better. But there are some rather exciting things I'd like to set in motion before my lavish Thanksgiving holiday rolls around. I get 5 days off and in spite of the twinge of guilt I feel about being closed on Friday, I am not going to open up anyway. If anybody has a book emergency, she better go shopping instead.

There was time yesterday to get serious about the Adult Surprise Sweater. It's at that dreadful stage in every sweater I make, when I know each step needed to finish it. That, alone, is often enough to give it the kiss of death, for this completion phobic ENFP. In addition, there is the ubiquitous worry: What if it doesn't fit? accompanied by its sister angst, What if it fits but looks like crap on me? With the last of the gorgon fears “What if it looks like crap and it doesn't fit? Peeping over their shoulders.

I know the only solution to this is to knit doggedly ahead. There are a few other issues too. First is one which I do not intend to address.

Yes. It's a flaw. It is just going to have to be there. It doesn't point at anything awful, like a nipple or a belly. It's just a blip. It may pull the button band askew and if, at completion time, I reeeeeeally hate it, I'll just wear the sweater open. I live in the south anyway. I've never even bothered to put buttons on my KipFee.
This, though, is ... or should I say “was”... unacceptable. Loose sloppy button holes. Nasty. They are already history.
But while I had reached this point in the sweater I put all those many stitches, down the front, along the bottom and back up the other front, on a loooong piece of yarn and stitched the sleeve/shoulder seam loosely together and tried on the sweater. Gorgon Fear #1 is groundless. It fits. Gorgon Fear #2 is still out there lurking. This is a very boxy square sweater. It is attractive on boxy square bodies. It is okay on round bodies. I saw lots of them at Stitches 2 weeks ago. But it will never be chic on them. I knew this when I began. I also knew that there are ways to wear boxy even if you are more rolly polly shaped.
Fortunately, I dress in business casual. Most of my trousers have pockets.
Another confirmed decision is the absolute necessity for those elbow short row triangles. I still haven't decided if I want to close up the sleeve/shoulder seams and then add the sleeve extensioins or if I want to knit the extensions and then close up the shoulders. It's the second decision lying up ahead because first I have to re-do the button band.
Happily, after trying the sweater on I see I can knit the neckband and button band all at the same time. This is how EZ instructs you in her pattern, but I was doubtful about the width of the neck opening. This is such an untraditional shape for a sweater that you can't eyeball some things the way you can with the more common bottom-up or top-down sweaters. That's part of the delight of learning to knit this shape. You just add to your database of knitting knowledge. My neckline seemed a bit narrow to me and I feared filling in too much of it with a band the same size as the button band. Happily, this won't happen and knitting them at the same time is a splendid bit of knitting efficency.
The next issue is color choices for these last rows of knitting. You'd think a random lot of stash colors would be easy to knit up, but I have fiddled and worried and bitten my lip about it all the way. It's stripes. The colors all go together. But there are combinations and then there are color marriages made in heaven. Who wouldn't strive for heavenly colors, hmmm? And there is the issue of .... is there enough yarn left? But these are niggly little non-issues. I'm just dithering because closure is up ahead and I hate closure.
And there is other yarn whispering little sweetnesses to me. And I watched Lucy Neatby's 2 DVD's about intarsia knitting and I am tempted. Especially when she says right up front “This is a challenge project. You should knit on it in the early evening. Knit a row or two and then go on to other knitting.”
Don't you just love a person who encourages you to have multiple projects?
So. Happy knitting to you all. On your many projects.

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