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Yes, a tree I know far too well, from years ago on a Plant Ecology field trip - we were running down a hillside at the end of the day after looking at a hilltop prairie, it was getting dark, the professor was urging us on to get back to the vans, I started to slide, and grabbed the first convenient woody plant. (It was dark enough that I didn't see the spines, but I sure felt them.)

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Beautiful berries! Hard to believe they'd come from the Devil's anything. Unless you happen to pass too close to their thorns in the summer, I suppose...

By Blogger Clara, at 8:34 PM  

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008  

Magenta Stars

That's what it should be called. Instead it's called Devil's Walkingstick or Aralia Spinosa. Most of the time we knock them down when they're young and still soft enough to touch - for as they mature the thick stiff stems grow thorns that will rip your flesh if you happen to brush by one while stepping into the forest.
But in early autumn they develop the prettiest heads of creamy blossoms, followed in full autumn by these glorious deep purple berries and magenta stars. So I let some mature just for the beauty they add to November.

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posted by Bess | 5:42 AM