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$1 a skein? I didn't see any sales as good as that! Can't wait to hear how you managed it. (And it was _so nice_ to meet you in person!)

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Sunday, November 09, 2008  

I'm back, briefly, from a whirlwind of knitting, classes, family and eating. The folk at Stitches were wonderful and let me switch from the all day Saturday lace class to the Friday afternoon lace class and refunded me the $ for the lost class. Happily the Friday lace class was the part I wanted most - lace edgings and how to attach them.

I also hit pay dirt with the shopping experience - in a way I have never ever done before. Tell ya all about it when I'm back from N.C., with stash enhancement photos, but the yarn I purchased averaged out to $1 a skein.

I kid you not.

The memorial for Brother was different. It came across more like some gigantic party, a kind of flight from mourning, which is not my way, so I don't really feel like he's really gone. That, I suspect, will come next summer, when he should come for a visit but doesn't. Truly this is not a criticism, though it is a judgement on my part - but it is only of the "assessing" sort. I believe strongly that, like all things spiritual, they are individual paths and it is the widdow and the children who must design the ceremonies they need to find comfort.

My guys are in the living room right now, talking in low soft masculine voices. I am so blessed. I've just enough time, now to unpack a suitcase, pack a suitcase and head off to a work conference down in NC. Be back in a few days.

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