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Oh, my goodness. I blink for just a couple of days... I'm so glad your BD is doing OK. Take care of yourselves!

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Monday, November 17, 2008  

Good News and Bad

Well, the good news is that BD is home and doing fine. He is to take it easy, not lift anything over 10 lbs (ha!) and go back in 2 weeks. If I weren't so durn sick I would be dancing a jig. This is so different from last time when he put off talking to a dr. till the real thing happened. I'm so proud of my spot-changing leopard, my new-trick-learning pup. Remember, this is the man who said that it was bad to go to doctors because they always made you sick – you went in without a disease but came out with one! ?!?!?

Thank you all for your prayers, good wishes, white light and juju.

The bad news is that whatever I brought home from my travels has decided to move in for the winter. After 5 nights of waking up every hour or so to cough my lungs inside out, I will go to the doctor today. Even if it was a virus or an allergy when it started out, it's transmuted into the snothead from hell. But hey. I went years without using sick leave. I maxed out so long ago I don't even count it up at the end of the year. We're at a wonderful point of pause at work, though my poor staff is way overworked. I'll make it up to them when I am back on my feet. But till I can make it through an hour without sounding like a 19th century consumptive, I'm staying home.

In the mean time I was unable to resist the siren song of New Yarn. Last night I plucked a skein of Stitches Stash yarn and cast on a sleeve.

This is the yarn I call the Happy Sweater Yarn. It's label recommends using 5-7 needles to get 4.25 stitches to the inch, but that ends up looking like this – tight and unyielding.

On #10's it knits up at 3 stitches to the inch and creates a much more supple fabric.

I do like the seed stitch cuff knit with the #7 needle, but I'll rip back the part to get rid of that ugly lump where I added twin increases. I have the idea that I'll make the increases not on either side of one center stitch, but maybe a band of 3 center stitches.

(note ugly bump on left where increases were made)

Of course, I am not a slip of a young thing who can be swathed in great blobs of color nor do I live in the frozen north, so the cute pullover with turtleneck I envisioned when I picked up the bag of yarn is never going to happen. But a cardigan – a big, loose, flop-on, snuggle-into, cozy hug of a cardigan, maybe with big buttons made of polymer clay??? Yes. I think that will work.

So. Happy knitting to you all and may you avoid colds, viruses and allergies.

p.s. hmmm. thinking about all this bulky yarn makes me wonder how many yards I'd have if I unspun it, drafted it out a little more and then spun it into a more worsted weight yarn. hmmmm. not with this happy color stuff, but hmmmm. ideas......

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