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I'm so sorry to both of you for your loss. Trite words, maybe, but written with much depth of feeling.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008  

Farewell Brother

Last night we had a cozy intimate dinner in town with the guest author for the library's Weekend with a Writer. We left just a tad early because BD wanted to get a new ax handle. We were out all night so didn't get the message we would have gotten had we left when we'd planned. His older brother -only 68 - died of a massive heart attack while bicycling around the neighborhood.

We are very floaty right now, all full of soft memories and talking about Brother and family and times gone by. BD was on the phone for hours last night, reaching out, touching, remembering.
Brother was the father of the bride at the September wedding we attended in Michigan. It was such a fun gathering of family – an opportunity to connect with some family we were not as close with as we'd have liked – to remember some old stories with family who share our long history together – to meet new family we can grow to love. I'm so glad the last time spent with Brother was so sweet and loving and fun.

If our time together had to be brief – I am glad it was sweet.

I could write a lot about other things, since this is a turning point weekend, but somehow, the inspiration just isn't there. What I do have is a series of photos I took on the way to work last week.
What's this?
What you lookin' at?
Not sure I like this
Let's get outta here!

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