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Thursday, November 13, 2008  

Begun yesterday, but edited and posted on Friday.
I'm back from the whirlwind spate of traveling with a foreign cold picked up in some exotic place like North Carolina. It was worth it though. The Grandover Golf Resort is the only hotel I've ever felt homesick for. Whew. Not only was my room enormous - as big as my living room, with a jacuzzi bath (that I used bubble bath in - not knowing that that is a no-no) and a TV as big as my car windshield - it was plush. The sheets were high thread cotton with no clorine smell. The bathroom floors were marble. The lighting was bright, with every lamp having 3 settings. The toiletries in the bathroom were the first I've brought home since I was a little girl and the carpet was the only hotel floor I've ever walked on barefoot. (childhood trauma story there).

Library board president after a hard day of being fed.

I picked up my stash enhancements, purchased in Baltimore last week. B had left them in my office at work and even though I really was too sick to go in, I'm also short staffed this week (only other full time person is on vacation). I slipped into town for 2 hours, till the afternoon shift showed up and hey, look what's here! Whole lotta yarn!

Got some serious stuff to do today, though. Taking BD in to the cardiologist for a stress test. At the hopsital where they can pop him into the OR if they think they need to. I won't be scared, but I will be glad that he at least had the courage to act on this, especially in light of his brother's massive and fatal heart attack 2 weeks ago. Sigh. This old-guy stuff ain't no fun. At least, this part of it ain't.

So, how about something that is?

Woo woo! Thank you C of the Bossy Little Dog.

The rules are to

1. Post the award on my blog

2. Link to the person who gave me the award

3. Nominate at least 4 others

4. Leave a comment on their blogs so they can pass it on.

Popping off the top of my head and not repeating already nominated blogs are:

Fillyjonk's Progress This is one of my favorites because E, the author, is not only prolific, but full of whimsey. She writes wonderful essays about her world which is rich with so much more than knitting.

Knitting Sister J is the most prolific knitter I know. She whips out sweaters, shawls, mittens, christmas stockings, baby things so fast you'd think she was a retail knitter. And she's a loyal friend who'll hang out in a hospital parking lot till you finally answer your durn cell phone, then take you to lunch. I mean - it doesn't get much better than that. She's been a little quiet lately but just checking her Finished Objects link will inspire you.

Yarn's the Word Imagine pet llamas all your own - miniature llamas! C is a born fiberista. She's only been at this fiber play for a couple of years but already she has a spinning wheel, a loom, a fiber farm, a studio and blue ribbons from MS&W!! Pure Inspiration - and kind hearted too.

Knits with Cats Here's another speedy knitter who spins too! Beautiful things stream from D's fingers and she makes lists! I love lists. And she knits with cats.

There are other wonderful blogs but it's 7 o'clock. Got to get ready to visit the doctor.

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