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Thursday, October 02, 2008  

Who isn't happy it's October? Every post I've read out in blogland has had some sort of glad reference to the change in the seasons. No matter how wonderful the summer was, people seem to need this roll into brighter days and crisper nights. It's too soon to start a fire yet, but it is getting close to the time when a sweater will feel good – maybe even this morning when I take the dogs for a walk.

Thanks for the kind comments about the wedding pictures . I still have to upload the actual ceremony photos but they are big and I don't want to suck up too much of my October bandwidth so early in the month. I'm still learning how to use the camera and I wanted to be sure the best photos could be printed – so I used all 12 mega pixels Canon sold me for some of them.

Speaking of photos – there is progress on the Adult Surprise Sweater – minimal progress – I ended up doing a lot more driving and navigating on this recent trip than I had anticipated. And garter stitch is so stultifyingly boring. It is beautiful and I love it when it is done, but I can't really say I enjoy garter stitch. Probably proof I'm not a “real” knitter. Sort of like – you can't be really hungry if you aren't willing to eat brussel sprouts.

With all these colors, even out doors, no matter what setting I had the camera locked into, I couldn't get all of them true to life, but this is close.
How the folds work.
Colors up close
More colors up close

I have such a crazy October schedule this year I have decided to give the Creativity Jar a rest. What with Christmas socks to knit and a strong desire to finish up this ASS – oh la! I had no idea this project would provide that for an acronym – best change that to ... hmmm, what, AtSeSr? AdSuSw? Nope. Best call just it the surprise sweater. Anyway – I reeeeeeeeealy want to finish that before I go to Stitches in November. And there is that box of Fimo and Sculpy singing colorful songs to me. I think I have enough distractions already. So – no creativity jar directives till November – when, as everyone knows, we all have lots of time to be creative, right?

Happy Thursday to you all.

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