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If it's as dark in the early a.m. where you are as it is here, Dear Bess, I'm with Jack! On the couch till the sun's up!


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Thursday, October 09, 2008  

What the Bird Family has to say.

But they should be more charitable. I really am working away on the Adult Surprise Jacket. Endless rows of garter stitch seldom show much progress. At least, not daily progress. I have 32 more rows to get back to the original cast on stitch count. At that point one is finished with the shoulder and upper sleeve part. Then there are some decreases that get you down to about 200 stitches – but many many more rows.

Whenever I can I like to take a morning walk with my dogs. In the fall I'm greeted by my favorite autumn flower – the knotweed.
This particular patch is new, it traveled up from what we call the big bend. I love this flower because it is so simple, and yet, when it's massed together with all its companions, it creates this lush carpet of deep pink.

Here is the dogs' swimming hole. Doesn't it look as if faeries might play here?
Hmmm. There's a little time now – maybe I can get in a short walk with the pups. Do you think I can get Jack off the couch?

posted by Bess | 7:00 AM