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Hi Bess,

Despite your recent need to modify, this is still going to be a terrific sweater. I must admit I've never done the sort of short-row adjusting you are going to try; I've been very much a 'pattern' knitter, and only now dare to experiment. I admire you!


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Monday, October 27, 2008  

Sweater Thoughts

I've had the best time working on this Adult Surprise Sweater. It's knit up quickly even though I'm using worsted weight and size 7 needles. It's felt like bulky yarn on 11's. I'm enamored of the design and am pretty sure I can adapt it as described a week or so ago into a cropped jacket in lofty airy mohair. One of the things I've liked best about this is that I haven't had to rip out any rows. It is, after all, just garter stitch. Even when I've scrambled a double decrease or two, this is the sort of thing you can make up on the next go 'round. The biggest issue has been color choices, since I'm using stash yarn. Theoretically all these yarns should go together since I bought them for myself and I only look good in certain colors and my goodness, I wouldn't have bought an unflattering color. And I haven't. But there are still the issues with color, even in a somewhat random striping of coordinating hues.

Alas – I can't really reproduce the color problem that is going to have me ripping out for the first time. It's too dark and besides, the vivid glow of the red Dale of Norway has yet to show up in a photograph, nor does the muted green that turns this teal into the only blue I can wear – and makes it play nicely with the golds and oranges and greens and rusts of this sweater.

What I can show you is the weight issue – the density of these two heavy colors placed side by side at the bottom of the sweater. Their intensity and placement takes away the golden glow of the whole. I love them woven throughout the body of the sweater but they must be used as accents, not as foundation colors.

So – out they come. Softer golds will go in their place and then I'll be ready to pick up the hem/button band stitches. From one shoulder/front neck corner, down one center front, across the bottom, back up the other center front and around the neck edge to the other shoulder/neck corner. Whew. That's a lot of stitches. I'm going to have to find some more size 7 needles.

Then I'll tackle the sleeve issues. This is a T shaped garment with sleeves that stop at the elbows. Instructions say start knitting garter stitch extensions at the cast on and knit to wrist. I think in garter stitch this will make for clunky sleeves that either pull up at the wrist on the outside or bunch up at the underarms unless you walk around with your arms held straight out in a T. Not my idea of comfort or style.

I'm planning on putting in some short rows right when I pick up stitches and adding a little triangle of fabric from inner elbow to outer elbow on both the front half and the back half of the sleeves.

Two pair ought to do the trick and then I'll knit on down to the wrists. I'm also thinking of decreasing the sleeves as I go to give the sweater more of a jacket sleeve shape. I don't believe I'll do much more than a crocheted edging around each cuff.

Things I wish I'd done right from the start are

A. Weaving in those ends as I added the yarn rather than leaving those floppy tails! I knew how to do that. I just didn't think of it! Duh.

B. Slipping those center stitches on every other plain garter row so that the miter would have been more defined – and easier to see the next time I had to do either a double increase or a double decrease.
Another major DUH. Next time.

La! It's Monday already!

posted by Bess | 7:53 AM