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Saturday, October 25, 2008  

Sock knitting

I'm back from the VLA convention. I didn't take the surprise sweater because it's gotten so bulky. It's definitely not the sort of thing you can work on unobtrusively in the auditorium. Instead I took this sock yarn – It's Fleece Artist and the socks are tiny for my tiny cousin BH. She picked out the yarn and I bought it for her birthday. I'll knit them up for Christmas.

slender socks on 56 stitches.

Stretched out a bit.

This is what Jack thinks about them.

I did little knitting and no other manual labor while I was away but my wrist is giving me the dickens. Hence the ace bandage on it. Today I'm working on the surprise sweater – I've done all the upper half and am just knitting the skirt portion. I'll knit on that for 2 or 3 inches, then do the edge knitting and button band. Then I'm going to knit the sleeve extensions and then the 3 needle bind-off part. So. More than half way done. I have thoughts on how I would do it differently – I'll write about that and have some photos either tomorrow or later in the week.

Instead, I end with these pretty autumn colorways from the back yard.

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