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Love the sweater! I want one, too :-D

Thanks for posting your anniversary story again. I just got to read it, having been on travel last week. Happy anniversary to you and BD!

xxoo Jen

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008  

The overwhelm that is October has begun to fray my work life. Although I had rather a long stretch of Days Off this past weekend, (full, delicious, lovewashed days), I'm afraid they came too late or else too early to smooth out my rough edges. On the way to work yesterday – that time in the car when I prepare myself for the World Outside The Castle - I remembered all the important things I'd forgotten. The publicity for the friends program. The VISA bill deadline. The Other Important Paper. And in spite of the list of Things To Do I made once I sat down at my desk, in spite of the actual ticking off of those TTDs. I still realized, on the way home last night, that there were some forgotten tasks which must go on today's list of TTDs.

Ahh well. I knew October was going to be overwhelming. I knew it way last July. I couldn't avoid it or reschedule it or alter it. And I could do as much as I could and no more and if there were things that didn't get done? Eh. So be it. One step in front of the other. That's all I can do.

Sorta like garter stitch, hmmm? Or darning in lots of ends. Yep, D. Lots of ends to darn in. I come from a tailoring background, though. My first love was the sewing needle, not the knitting needle. It's truly an attitude shift, an existential leap to another dimension, but I do not mind darning in ends. I just assume that today, instead of knitting, I'll sit quietly and fondle little bits of my yarn as I snug it home within the sweater, cozy and loved by their sister stitches. I may get tired of knitting a garment, but I never resent darning in ends. That task is just yarn afterglow.

In fact, I enjoy that part so much, I often do it before I'm finished just to play around and feel productive though my project doesn't grow any more inches. But if I were the type to hate darning in ends, I'd just thread those ends in on the next row as I knit with the new color. Weave them in like you can do in stranded colorwork.

Or make the sweater in a monochromatic colorway, because my goodness it is a fun garment to make and a delight to mystify people with it's strange shape and then, like a magician, flip it all into a sweater right before their eyes.

And Yikes! It's 8 o'clock and I haven't even started today's TTD list. Off I go.

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