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Tuesday, October 14, 2008  

A Boat Trip, Some Flowers and Some Knitting

Oh thank you for the kind comments. It's fun to get all nostalgic about TGB (times gone by) and living down here in this small community it's something I get to do often. Sigh. We're still thinking about all the things we liked about that wedding.

This whole weekend has been a gentle holiday. I could have gotten a lot more chores done but I didn't push myself. The place is sort of clean and certainly all the laundry is washed and dried – if not folded and put away. But large chunks of this weekend have been spent out of doors. I am not the boater in this family. In fact, I proudly proclaim that I am a boat bimbo and don't ask me to touch anything on your boat unless it's the picnic lunch, which I will gladly prepare and hand out and even clean up afterwards. I'm not even all that anxious to go out on a boat unless it's taking me to the swimming beach. But sometimes I'll get a hankering to go someplace you can only reach by boat and then I'll make BD the happiest man in the world by saying “Let's go for a boat ride.”

I don't do it too often because once I do he thinks I've had a Road to Damascus Conversion and am now going to be first mate and swabbie too on daily voyages. It always takes a bit of time for the gleam of hope to dim, but I had a Monday holiday this past weekend and it's autumn and I haven't been up Mt. Landing Creek in years – maybe decades. So I asked him to launch the power boat and take me up the creek.

which was full of geese who did not like being disturbed.

There are a lot more photos on the Flickr badge in the sidebar. If you click on it anywhere it automatically takes you to the website where you can see all the pictures – and heck, pretty much anything else I've loaded on Flickr as well.

I took lots of dog photos on the boat too – a digital camera with a 2 gig card, set to small, will hold more shots than you could ever dream of taking and 3 dogs, in your face, are pretty irresistible.


Letting sleeping dogs lie.

Jack and Priss don't have any opinions.

And while I'm showing off photos – these tee tiny roses deserve their moment of fame. They're from the wedding bouquet of the great grandmother of last Saturday's groom. I was surprised they weren't in the wedding display since I got my slip from my good friend P, wife of loving brother and aunt of the groom. I'd have cut some and taken them as a gift if I'd known. I'll have to ask P if she still has the bush that offered my slip. They're deliciously fragrant and are no more than an inch across at full bloom.

I had hoped to have finished with the diagonal increases on my surprise sweater by the end of the weekend but alas, I have still 10 more rows to knit – and increasing 4 stitches every other row I figured there are 2,512 stitches to knit before I can begin decreasing again. Happily I've “seen the architecture” of the whole sweater at last. I knew if I just started knitting it would click into place and my goodness – it is the cleverest piece of knitting construction. Here are some progress shots:

Don't know why this last one is sideways and don't have time to figure it out. It's off to work for me. Ta.

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