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photo please!

By Blogger * Cathy *, at 10:14 AM  

I think your sleeve changes will be great. Should make it more tailored and less kimono-like. I must say, adjustments or not, I'm so impressed with how you took such a large bouquet of colors and came up with something so rich and harmonious!

By Blogger cathy, at 11:19 PM  

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008  

More Musings on Sleeves

Here is a revised sketch of how the short rows would change the silhouette of that sweater.

The sleeves would have a slight inward bend at the elbows, much like the sleeves on a tailored suit.

This sweater architecture has you close the sleeves with a single seam along the sleeve top and shoulders instead of a traditioanl under arm seam and separate shoulder seam. This leaves me wondering how I'd taper the sleeves from elbow to wrist. I don't want to seam what's already knit and then knit the elbow to wrist section on a circular needle because this is garter stitch – it's easier to knit flat. But I don't want big open tubes at my wrists either. I am not sure if I ought to make a double decrease at the center of the sleeve or if I can just make decreases at the beginning and end of every so many rows.

I haven't the experience to tell before hand so I'll just have to try both. And I'll try the decreases at the edges first because that's the one I'm uncomfortable about. The double decreases at a center stitch is something I know will work.

It's always a learning experience, hmmm?

I corrected the color issue but I did leave one ridge of the teal blue because I like it and it came at a good place in the sweater. Gonna knit the last ridge in a gold tweed and then start the looooooooooong button band.

Happy Tuesday!

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