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You have a long weekend this w'kend too, Bess? Here in Canada, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving. My DD is coming for ham on Sunday. She has potatoes from a friend's garden; I have carrots and beets from my sister's, and apple pie from the apples in the Tree-I-Owned-in-Calgary. So. There will be bounty for just the two of us, and a toast of thanks for our many blessings, including my online buddies...


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Friday, October 10, 2008  

It's Friday!

For some reason this seems more wonderful than usual. Perhaps because I have been able to sink into long detailed tasks all week and Get Them Done! Yippee. And though I have only 3 days next week to do at least as much as I did this week, I feel confident that I shall, nonetheless, accomplish everything on the TTD list. In fact – it is getting to the point where I feel confident enough to actually write down that list – though not here and not now – I see there are only 3 more minutes to breakfast.

This weekend, this sweet three day weekend, hosts the last of the 2008 weddings. We have been to 4 since June. This one is local, the son of friends, a lovely boy I haven't seen since he was in high school, though his brother lives next door. There is a dress upstairs for TheQueen, but the suit for ThePrince is at the cleaners – I must not forget that.

The weather dot com guys promise a warm and sunny day and we shall toast the happy couple and wish them every good thing. And then there'll be 2 days to find warm clothes in the attic and stash summer wardrobes in their place. Or maybe we can put it off another few weeks and do something more fun. Who knows? Two whole days can hold a lot of happy surprises.

Wishing some for you.

posted by Bess | 8:03 AM