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Saturday, October 18, 2008  

Gifts boxes bearing yarn

That is what yesterday brought. I received not one, but two gifts of yarn. One is stash yarn from D who thought she had “a few” skeins of orphan yarn that might go with my Surprise Jacket.

I might say “Quite a few” skeins, wouldn't you? And most of them knit into this color scheme beautifully. Even with this indoor early morning light you can see how well they'll fit in. And my goodness – there is enough yarn here to make another ASJ!

Wouldn't you know it – today I have to work, so it will be a while before I can dive into this luscious pile. I have a knitting friend visiting tomorrow, though, when I will be able to indulge. And I don't really mind going to work today because, not only did I take off Thursday for my Hey Baby Anniversary but I took Friday off too – an unexpected holiday too good to pass up. Since I go to my library conference this coming week I really need today to pack in as much productive work as possible so that I will get where I want to be, work-wise, by the holiday season. Besides, we have a puppeteering magician storyteller coming this afternoon. It'll feel more like a half day than a whole day.

The second gift was a glorious skein of this!

Red like the black gum leaves in autumn – Black Pearl Yarns cashmere. This colorway is called Red Dragon which is fitting since I was born under the sign of the Dragon. This is going to be fingerless mitts – Maine Morning Mitts from K-Boy.

We have guests coming for dinner tonight too – and if I'm going to have any food in the house I better go make up a grocery list – so Ta to you and Savor your Saturday.

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