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You were there Sunday? I was keeping an eye out, but didn't spot you. Oh well, I look forward to seeing that great hat, anyway!

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Monday, October 06, 2008  

For everybody - from MsHoroscope:
The Moon moves into the sign of hard work and industry today - Capricorn. Hopefully you managed to suck up some of the good vibes on the weekend and gave yourself a proper work. Because the skies today really do suggest it's time to get back to the grindstone - even though it's a public holiday in Australia.
If you've got the day off, it's a good time to strategise ahead. But be aware; the next planetary alignments head suggest it'll be easy to burst a boiler with over effort! Also be careful not to say too much, if you get involved in either an argument or a secret-trading situation.
And for my Virgo Sisters:
The skies remain on your side today and over the next few days. Your ruler Mercury is going to make a link to excessive Jupiter which for anyone else could be a bit of a problem. for you, though, of course, this is a bit of a Godsend. It means you're just a tad less likely to undersell yourself as you do so well. In addition, rich and loving Venus is headed for a link to Saturn in your sign. Together these two suggest you're more aware of how great you are lately and others are too. Hallelujah.

So this must mean that, though it is Monday and I have to buckle down to business (everyday this month I have to do this!), if I just keep both my ears and mouth shut I can stay on task with the ThingsToDo list and avoid the mess that is OtherPeople'sIssues. I certainly have enough work to keep a whole flock of Capricorns busy this month and I did manage to suck up a bit of a break yesterday at the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival. It was a very different sort of festival for me since Spirit Trail wasn't a vendor there this year and the only work I had was an hour of storytelling on Sunday – and honestly, storytelling is pure pleasure – one of those delicious treats that brings in a little cash and a whole sack full of delight. I had a nice audience – 20 little children and assorted parents who were all complimentary and kind and told me good things to hear.

It's a funny thing about storytelling. So many adults think it's just for children, and certainly I enjoy sharing stories with kids. Perhaps I just have a juvenile fixation with folk stories and fairy tales, but I still find them interesting – and not just because they are familiar. They all hold kernels of the Great Human Truth in them and there are so many ways of interpreting them. Rumplestiltskin and all the other versions of the straw into gold story deal, in a few short paragraphs, with greed, faithfulness, courage, and repetitive stress injuries. All as contemporary as the last news broadcast you watched.

Anyway, along with the pleasure I get from the starry eyed little ones in my audience is the very great satisfaction I get when a parent comes up afterwards and says “you made this relevant to me. I never thought about it that way.”

I didn't take a single photo at the festival nor did I find anyone I felt confident enough to ask to take my photo while I was storytelling. I did come away with the realization that I need some publicity stuff - a poster on an easel, photograph of self, business cards. I actually knew that already but I just hadn't gotten around to it. Developing a private side-line business right now seems like the proverbial straw upon this camel's back. Still and all – a few photos and an hour or two spent with photoshop won't do me in.

The competition tent was an inspiration. I was thrilled to see so many spinning entries and delighted that M took second place with her handspun 2-ply in a glorious turquoise green. (or green turquoise?) There was a red lace shawl that didn't get a ribbon and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Surely there was at least one more ribbon lying about that could have been pinned to it. And there was a fair isle sweater that was so familiar I might almost guess it was an Alice Starmore – but it certainly was gorgeous. The yarns used were as sumptuous as the all over design. It did get a ribbon and well it deserved it, for not only was the knitting superb, but the finishing as well.

(Added later - it was an Alice Starmore sweater - M has a photo of it on her blog. )

I did spend a little cash yesterday. I was only slightly tempted by anything, except those few times when the brain went into overdrive, urging me to purchase a sweater's worth of some glorious handpainted yarn in an unusual combination of strong peaches, greens and golds. Under $100 you know, and wouldn't it be stunning? Only – Only I already have many sweater's worth of yarn, all of which I would like to knit up. I am not a very prolific knitter. I suspect I am too busy making stories out of all my plans to actually put them into motion.

Purchases amounted to 2 lbs of naturally colored mohair roving from Cecil's Folie, half a pound of silky grey and a pound and a half of not quite so sleek light brown. Mr. Cecil has had a display of his beautiful angora goats for years now, but this year he had a booth where you could buy. Alas, serious ill health has him selling off most of his herd. My dear friend R was there with me yesterday and she has been flirting with starting her own herd. I left her waiting to catch up with her husband so they could go talk goats with Mr. Cecil.

My other great indulgence was an enormous white sheepskin hat – very similar to the one Geraldine Chaplain was wearing in Dr. Zhivago, early in the movie, when she got off the train – only hers was pink.
My own photo will come later. When it's colder. The nice thing is that it's loose enough to not give one hat-hair. The ... other thing is that it's very flamboyant. I don't know how often I'll have the moxie to wear it.

I left the festival early so I could stop at a large shopping mall on the way home to buy a wedding gift. Since I don't know the couple's taste, they are children of friends, I wanted. at the least, to give them something they could exchange if they wished. But I had had time to see everything. It was a beautiful day and though the crowd was small, it wasn't minuscule and folk had a happy look to them. Truth to tell, I spent about as much as I did last year. There were several new vendors and several gaps in my list of familiar favorites.

And now it is Monday and almost 7 o'clock. There is time to knit a few rows on the Surprise Sweater. May your day be full of blue skies and snug stitches.

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