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Wednesday, September 10, 2008  

Will there ever be an end to all this carry on? Will you ever be able to dot all the Ts, cross all the Is and just relax? Yes, and perhaps sooner than you think. However, at the moment, your cosmic challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to work like a dog until you just can't work any more. Like a benevolent owners, the Universe/God/Goddess/Call it what you will, will make sure you get all the food and pats and runs you need to keep going, as long as you do your part and slave on.

This is so exactly how I feel this week I would think MsHoroscope wrote this specifically for me. I have one day, this week, left, to dot all those T's and cross all those I's. And it's Wednesday and Wednesday means Story Hour day. Whew.

And I found out why there is no camera. Canon has decided to discontinue that model. After the world's biggest ditherer finally came to a decision! After I placed the order, tied up $ in the on-line world of PayPal, who will send me my money back for a fee, or I can spend it somewhere else. Rats. But Mr.Horoscope warns me:

You are now being dragged ever-further into a potentially pointless discussion. You are carrying out a plan that probably does not need to be implemented. Try doing nothing for a while. Try watching, waiting, thinking and reflecting. While Mars and Mercury are so closely in alignment, you could find that one moment of inspired understanding could be worth an entire day of racing around. Don't succumb to pressure. Despite appearances to the contrary, time is on your side.

So I'll just put the old nose to the sharp grindstone and Virgo-toil away. But Ratsratsrats about the camera.

And dream about attending this!

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