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Okay, I really did not need to see that book, or get the idea of creating faux lapis from polymer clay. Are you not surprised that lapis lazuli is one of my favorite things ever?

Hope my email got through. Hotmail is having Issues.

By Blogger Catherine, at 5:54 PM  

I agree with you about how wonderful Tory Hughes is for polymer clay! That is great you didn't lose your power and you got the opportunity to play with your clay! Show us your beads when you get them made!

By Anonymous Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor, at 8:31 PM  

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Sunday, September 07, 2008  

The storm is over. Here in VA there wasn't too much to it. I hear the heaviest rains went west of us but we got a sweet 2 inches; just what the soybeans needed, and we never lost power. I'd filled the bathtub for washing and the spaghetti pot for drinking, so I am sure that's why electricity continued to flow into the house. Good for me, because I wanted to play with polymer clay yesterday and I got to. I'm still way down at the bottom of the learning curve with this stuff, but I am having so much fun it hardly matters. I will be chopping up gold leaf with deep blue Fimo to try to make something that looks like lapis lazuli today. Because my house is sparky clean. Because we didn't lose power. Because I filled the bathtub with water and got laughed at by ThePrinceConsort, who was demoted for laughing at TheQueen.

Here is my guide and mentor in all things polymer clay:

And pretty much all things creative. You can find out more about this magical creative force on her web page.

One thing I haven't been able to do is read my email. Hotmail is Notmail this weekend. I wonder if they are having server trouble. Also, there are no photographs because a certain recently ordered camera has not come. I am working hard at being patient. I did request UPS ground, it was a holiday weekend when I ordered the thing. But if it doesn't come this week, EARLY this week, I am going to be one very cranky customer.

In knitting news, there are beautiful sparkly beads to put on my mohair lace shawl. I picked them up on Thursday when I visited my parents. There is a wonderful little shopping strip just on the south side of Huguenot Bridge in Richmond that has, in a row, a store that sells only wide shoes, a yarn shop and a bead shop. I tend to use the bead shop on Cary Street, just because it's so spookily magical, and of course there is also a yarn shop at the other end of Carytown that does sell Addi Turbos. Hey. And there is also an organic/health food store in both shopping areas, and a metaphysical bookshop. Is this some sort of pattern? But Carytown is on my side of the James River and besides, it's funkier.

But the man at the bead shop, now let me see if I can remember his name? Rats. I can't. But he was soooo fun and helpful and had made the most fabulous necklace with soldered silver and silver PMC and these carved orange beads. I will go back again. This guy is worth the visit. And they are right by the wide shoe shop. Where I did a little birthday shopping for a certain queen we all know and love.

I have also cast on an Adult Surprise Jacket using the all the loose balls of gold/yellow/amber/orange/green yarns in my stash. I want something easy to knit on for a trip I'm taking later in the month and an all garter stitch sweater knit in one big piece should fit the bill.
So. May your Sunday be delicious and may your time fill up with joyful activities.

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