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Tuesday, September 09, 2008  

Still No Camera

Hey Cindy – love your website! And I wish I were going to France with Tory Hughes. As for my attempts at lapis lazuli – they're more just bright blue objects with gold flecks in them. Still rather pretty but not gem like yet. Of course, I don't have a buffer – though I did find the wet or dry sandpaper I wanted at Advance Auto – NAPA has it too, but Advance was closer. Now all I need is clear shoe polish and maybe things will look a little more gem-like. What I was happy about was how silkily smooth I could make my Fimo projects – and how quickly I could do so – with that sandpaper. It was actually fun!

I'm not yet truly confident I can make wonderful faux gems with Fimo, but I have done some beautiful clay work in the past and my goodness, my first attempts at spinning – my Ugly Babies as I like to call them – well. They really are awful.

Of course nobody can see anything yet because my New Camera is not here. I don't know where it is – but I do know I will be on the phone to the seller today and there will be complaints. I don't care if I did order it on a holiday weekend. They are only in NY. This is not an ocean voyage away. Grumblegrumblegrumble.

This is a short week at work for me. I'll be in the city for a 2 day session of library directors catching up on What's New, so everything important has to be crammed into three short days. The good news is: it looks like I might have found a new network admin guy. He does small business networks in the area and he also handles a small private school's network, so he has experience with the grubby fingered public and filtering. We shall see. When talking to him I almost let slip that both of the previous network admin guys we had dropped dead. Then I thought better of it. He might not be interested in taking such a risky job.

What I liked about him most was that he had some money saving ideas right off the bat that might help us both offset his higher hourly rate and provide us with a beefier network. Things to think about. But it feels good to know that we aren't completely helpless and there is something particularly nice about having someone so close by. Not that Montross is actually any closer than Mechanicsville, but his territory doesn't really go beyond our Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula area. He's not likely to be so far away if we needed him right away. Funnily, when he stopped by the library yesterday, our board president, a former school teacher, was at the desk. She looked up and said “Didn't I teach you in 5th grade?” Oh la, I love a small town!!

Knitting Blog? Knitting, you ask? Well. I am poking along on a garter stitch EZ adult surprise jacket and the mohair lace shawl. What is to say. No camera, no photos, not particularly thrilling to hear I knit another inch on each. But I did. Tonight my monthly knitting group gathers at the library and I'll show off the Orange Lace with Green Beads, but I'm also taking the polymer clay supplies for show and tell. And the amateur projects, because they're still interesting to look at – and the buttons are down right cute.

For me it's hump day – so I wish you all a happy one.

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