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Glorious colours, Dear Bess! I must try this sort of thing...given the size of my stash (speaking from having to pack and move it this week!)

Looking forward to photos as you go along.


By Anonymous Marg (nearly in Mirror), at 9:13 AM  

are you working on Montpelier yet?... inquiring minds want to know! I am looking forward to it!

By Blogger Cat =^,^=, at 11:29 AM  

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008  

Proof of knitting.

Proof of camera love too.

This is going to be an EZ Adult Surprise Jacket, knit from stash yarn. I thought I had mountains of stash yarn in these golden colors. Alas, garter stitch's rapcious consumption of yarn means I will need to do one of two things – dig out more stash yarns in some other warmish colors. What?!? Did you think that was all the stash yarn I had? Silly you.

Or better yet – Buy More Yarn in these golden colors.

Of course, I've spent like a drunken sailor all month. Something tells me I ought to get into the bins and pull out Other Colors of Stash Yarn I could use. I have a pile in greens and another in deeper reds. Both would be nice with all these autumnal golds.

Here is the interesting double decrease shaping up close.

As for the new camera – well. Well, this time I am reading the manual and practicing all the different settings so that I'll be able to enjoy the whole thing, not just the snapshot function. When I am really good at still shots I'll tackle the video options. Gonna have to learn about youtube too. Just think! One of these days you'll hear the dulcet tones of my southern drawl. (no. it is not a twang and Born-Here Southerners will tell you it's not even southern, thanks to my Yankee mom and ethnic Catholic dad but they forget – all southerners descend from Come-Heres.)

Today I'm off to indulge in that other Southern custom – the Fashion Show. The Ginter Park Woman's Club Autumn Fashion Show to be precise. Dear elderly ladies we've loved forever host it and BH and I have begun buying tickets, putting on our church dresses and driving over to Richmond for a morning of elegance. It's by way of a bit of birthday celebration too, since I was out of town on the real day. We'll slip on over to the big mall so I can get a bit of girly stuff I can't get down here. Altogether it will be a sweet girlfriend day. A brief indulgence before October stomps on my schedule with more things than an alphabet!

So. I leave you with this. Whatever else - be fashionable!

posted by Bess | 7:35 AM