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That colorful clay looks like fun to play with. :)

Your orange shawl with the green beads is *beautiful!* I really like the pale green beads. There's just enough color to make them sparkle. Nice!

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Monday, September 15, 2008  

Polymer Clay Play - knitting talk at the end

What the birds think.

Once I made the canes I couldn't think of what to do with them. Hence, a bowl, with fluttery wing-like edges. There's a little bit of the small bird cane left that I think wants to become earings.

My first bowl - a little dark and wonky of course. That's my most serious problem still with polymer canes - how abstractly they flatten out on the clay body. But Practice makes Perfect. You ought to see my first attempts at spinning!

The undersides - and a better look at the button though it's way off color. The bird was supposed to look like lapis lazuli - it looks like shiny plastic. And it's way too big for an earing, but it will make a cute pendant and there are two of them and I know two little girls who would like bird neclaces. Always a use for this stuff.

Bright blue and red buttons in three sizes. The holes are close together on the front but wide in the back - this makes the bar between the holes stronger, able to hold up to repeated use.

Pea-sized beads made from the leftover bits of the buttons. If you enlarge the photos you can see my fingerprints on the beads. You can use wet/dry sandpaper in extremely fine grits to smooth them off. You can get it at auto body supply shops like Advance Auto or NAPA.

As for the shawl - thank you for the kind comments. It is all knitted, that flower pattern is the laciest in the book, very crochet-like. Its slight nylon content keeps it a little bunchy - blocking only helps so much. I wouldn't use a sock yarn with nylon in it again, but it helped me see the stitches so clearly while I was knitting it I gained a lot of confidence.

The other shawl isn't really black, though in the photos it certainly creates a Haloweeney color scheme. It's actually a deep burgundy purple, so dark it's almost black. It's gorgeous in daylight and the beads I bought for it lean much more towards the red than the black. They really glint nestled within the yarn.

Aren't we lucky there are so many good toys to play with these days?

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