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I remember how important BirthdayMonth is to you so, Happy Birthday for the whole month!

Isn't it strange how knitting seems to cycle throughout the whole world. Even I have been getting interested in lace knitting recently - with beads, no less!
If you can't find a small enough crochet hook (mind you, I did, right in our own tiny town!) you can use Oral B Super Floss (which I can't find!). It has a fuzzy bit in the middle which can safely hold several beads at a time. See this link ( for a pictorial on how to use it.
Happy lacy, beady knitting!

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Monday, September 01, 2008  


Horray! It's Happy Birthday Month. For all my Virgo Sisters I wish you a month of celebration! May the days dawn bright and sunny and may it rain after sundown, just like in Camelot. May your birthday gift be, not something practical, but a luxury item that proves your loved ones understand that just because you like to put your canned goods in alphabetical order doesn't mean you want a vacuum cleaner for your birthday.

If you are a familiar guest at TheCastle, you'll remember that birthdays are Important to TheQueen and know that I celebrate the whole month. It feels strange to be starting this Happy Birthday Month on a holiday – usually Labor Day doesn't conflict with it being All About Me, but I can share. Birthdays are generous things that can spill over to any number of Other Things, like First Day of School or even a Monday Holiday.

Here in God's Country it's even perfect weather. Perfect for staying at home, perfect for taking walks with visiting son, perfect for sitting in the living room and knitting on another lace shawl – this time Deep Burgundy Mohair Lace Shawl. I'm making lots more mistakes on this one than on the smooth, springy, easy to read sock yarn. I'm glad I used an easy yarn first because otherwise I might have become frustrated with lace. As it is, I know I just need to pay attention. I am also using several of the lace patterns in the book and the biggest opportunity for error comes during the transitions.

On a crisp fresh day like today, though, with low humidity and nothing much to do, on a day when my Virgo Beforehandedness has left me with a pretty clean house, a house tidy enough to ignore any slight imperfections, on a day when there is a stack of favorite operas beside the CD player, a birthday month celebrant could knit a lot of rows of silky mohair lace. I'd like to get down to the border by Saturday, when I go to the city, because I plan to bead this shawl and I want to use better beads this time. Real bead shop beads selected because the color match is perfect. On the Orange Lace with Green Beads I used what I could find at WalMart and the holes in those beads were so tiny that most of them wouldn't take a number 10 crochet hook. That's the smallest hook WalMart sells so even if I were going to use cheap beads I'd have to get a smaller hook at one of the city craft shops and I'm not altogether sure such a tiny hook would pick up the yarn. I had to use a needle and thread to string the final beads along the shawl border and, well, ahem. That degree of tedium is beyond even this Virgo soul.

I have, in my burgeoning stash, several skeins of cashmere sport weight yarn, intended to be knit into Afghan squares. It's part of Hunt Valley Cashmere's GAAA square of the month club. I knew when I joined that the liklihood of me knitting that whole afghan was only about 4 on a scale of 1-10. But I also knew I'd like to have a regular little shipment of a luxury yarn coming into the house. I have 4 skeins now – about 400 yards. A cozy, squishy, plush heavy-ish cashmere shawl with shimmery freshwater pearl beads in the deep leaf lace hem – now, doesn't that sound delicious? Doesn't that tempt. Doesn't that feel like a nap on a chilly Saturday afternoon when the house is sparkling clean, soup is in the crock pot and you are ready for a break? Doesn't that sound simply wonderful?

There is also some mauve lace weight alpaca yarn somewhere in the stash – I'd like to knit that up as well – and just pack away the result to use as a gift for some unknown recipient. After that – well – I am thinking it will be time to do something else. Maybe Christmas Socks. Maybe a sweater. I am thinking of an EZ surprise sweater knit up in all those coordinating golden yarns I have been hoarding for so long. In fact, that might get slotted in between one lace shawl and another. Especially if that turns out to be an easy pattern to follow, since I will be riding in a car for many hours towards the end of the month. In fact – on a beautiful crisp First day of September I might paw through my stash and pull out that bag-0-yarn and have a look-see. I might even go through the old Knitters magazines to find the Adult version of that pattern. I know I own it – I just have to find it.

That's they way of a First Day of Your Birthday Month Holiday. Pretty much any good thing can happen. And just so's you know what the Starz have in mind for us September Babies here is what MsHoroscope has to say:

Venus has now moved into your second house of cash, property and possessions, where she'll stay for around four weeks. On the one hand, you do need to watch yourself, if you know you have a tendency to spend more than you should. You could find yourself feeling very flush now - but be sure you can cover your basic expenses before you go lashing out cash on something which has taken your fancy but which you maybe should be hesitating over. Your tastes might be more expensive than usual but before you give into your desires, double check with your accountant or whoever else is likely to go "Tsk tsk" if and when you spend up big on things you don't really need! The up side of this Venus cycle is that you can expect more financial opportunities to come your way. Keep your eyes peeled and you could find the period lucrative. Also use this four-week period as a chance to work on your self-esteem. Don't just think about that - do it. Start by making a list of what you know is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Seriously. Then ask your best friend what he/she thinks is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Try it.

Good thing I ordered that camera yesterday, with $ saved for exactly that purpose!

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