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You are under a spell of heavenly protection... That explains a great deal for me this month! The purchase of a new home in the country, and the sale of my present one in the city, for starters.

Bess, I am tickled you found Mirror, AB on some cyberspace map out there. It's a very pretty place, and photos will come after the move. I'll have to completely change how I 'do' the internet etc., so it may take a while...


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008  

You are under a spell of heavenly protection. Powerful planets now align in the sector of the sky that symbolizes your astrological essence. It is as if the cosmic consortium has come together to form a guardianship alliance. Try to put a foot wrong. You can't. You can give yourself a hard time, of course. No force in this world is strong enough to prevent you from doing that. But you really don't need to. You are in an admirable position. All you have to do to maintain this is be kind and caring.

Whew! Thank goodness for the stars, or whatever it has been that got me out of my black pit of sadness. Maybe it was MoreFavoriteCousins – maybe it is just the change of the season from dog days of summer – really puppy days this year – to the Crisp-Apple-Autumn Eve of late August. Maybe it was some resolution to some inner questions. Maybe it was finally sorting out Mount Snail Mail and getting all my family bookkeeping done. Whatever it is, it's Oh So Welcome.
I'm feeling the energy at last. And I've channeled it into

Yes. Lace. I've been yearning to do some lace lately – and I've completed very little lace in my knitting career. Some time ago Clara Parkes recommended this book and I always do what Clara Parkes says. Well. At least, I always pay attention to her and she's never steered me wrong yet. And I do want one of those big lace shawls that Other People seem to be able to knit.

The book – almost a booklet – is very visual, with not much text, but my brain had only been able to grasp the idea she was teaching, not the technique. Sunday, on a beautiful AfterReunion day, with time on my hands, I just decided to Cast On and follow the directions – no planning, no thinking about it, just knit away to see what happened.

Well. What happened made sense, though I also made mistakes all over the place. But I knit enough to understand a few things about TheQueen when knitting lace.

#1. Do not knit lace when BD is talking to you. You will make mistakes that you don't know how to fix.

#2. Keep pencil and paper with the project so you can tick off each row as you knit it. Otherwise you are going to knit the same row twice and if the yarn is fine enough and slippery enough, you won't want to tink back.

#3. As soon as you think a lifeline would be a good idea – it is probably too late. Put one in early.

I was using a beautiful fine kid mohair yarn I bought at On The Lamb last year. I have stupidly lost the ball band and I also see, on the old archive post about my trip there, I left out the name of the yarn. But Joe or Angel will know what it is if I call the store. It's a lot like Rowan's Kidsilk and it is a fun yarn to knit with.

Of course, when I realized I had done, or failed to do all three above important tips, I had to rip the whole thing out – but there had been only a few hours of knitting and they had all been exploratory. I'll cast on again in the next day or two (or tonight) and follow my own rules. When I have something to show – I'll post it.

Ooops. Time to walk the dogs. Happy Hump Day.
On another, sadder note - I see that people are still looking in here to see something about Barry Moore. Thanks to another library director I have a link to his obituary and offer it now.


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