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Saturday, August 16, 2008  


At last I am on the down hill slope of summer. Yesterday's luncheon was a smashing success. We had a good audience that included some folk who never come to library events. This is thanks to BH and M, who mingle, schmooze, and go to other civic events and sell tickets. They are the reason things are hopping with the Friends group. We have some big plans and some enormous goals and by golly, I bet we fulfill them all.

As for our speaker, former Governor Holton, well! We all fell in love with him. I am always caught up short when a politician comes to speak and turns out to be a brilliant or charming or delightful speaker. This is absurd, because these people wouldn't be in politics or get elected if they couldn't get folk to warm to them. He was prepared, he was gently opinionated, he was sharp as a tack. He could state proudly what he believed without raising hackles on those who might not agree with him, leaving them glad to have heard from the opposition.

And he told us the charming story of how his book got its title. When he was governor and living in the executive mansion in Richmond he had 4 children aged about 4 to 14. He woke them up each morning by calling out to each child "It's opportunity time." He said most of the time his kids only wanted the opportunity to go back to sleep.

I love wake up routines - ours was for me to call up from the bottom of the stairs "Wake up Jacob, Days a breaking, Peas in the pot and Hoecakes a-baking". This wasn't always true - it was far more often eggs and bacon on the griddle, but that chant always brought a stirring from LD's room and a cheerful "Alright" from BD who then promptly went back to sleep. Grandma would pound out Farmer in the Dell on the piano to get her kids out of bed - and that is the one childhood song BD hates with passion. As for me, well, nobody had to wake me up, or send me to bed. I have always been my own alarm clock and am pretty smug about it. We morning people know we are superior. ;>

Anyway - we had a grand time - tidied up our stuff - counted the proceeds and departed, high as kites - BH and M to relax and me to go back to work. Hmm. Somehow that was not quite planned out right. But it's Saturday now and I'm going to get around to cleaning the pit sometime before noon, when we expect friends with grandchildren for lunch and swimming.

Happy Saturday to you all.

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