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Sunday, August 17, 2008  

There is very little that I must do today; a little laundry, a little vacuuming in my room, a bit of softscrub on the bathtub. I can fit that in during odd hours away from Total Crafting Joy.

I haz Fimo.
I haz sock yarn.

What I don't have is a camera – but I have decided I will have one by the end of the week.
I'm still trying to select TheOne and am reading reviews of several contenders. But I'll be in the city both Wednesday and Friday this week so I can get my hands on something. I've thoroughly enjoyed the Canon G2 M gave me, but it doesn't have a zoom and now it needs a cable to talk nicely to other equipment and I know someone who would totally enjoy learning how to use one before she drops the big bucks, so it will get a good home. But it's time I got something a little more versatile and a little lighter too.

Minus a camera I can't show you what a grand time we had yesterday when friends with grandchildren visited. Swimming and mud fights, eagle watching and turtle finding, popsicle eating and dog loving, tree climbing and toy playing – it was a splendid splendid afternoon, but you'll just have to believe me.

In the mean time – I hear crafty grownup play calling me. Happy Sunday to you and may it bring you whatever it is you're longing for.

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