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Phew! Sounds like you are back to your old self. That's great! Bess the Dragon Slayer!


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Saturday, August 30, 2008  

Rats. It's not the cable. I bought a new one. It's not corrupted drivers. I reinstalled them. The camera will take photographs, but it won't talk to my computer. Bummer. Still no Lace photography to share with still more lace a-making. But this spurs me on to buy that new camera This Weekend For Sure. In the mean time, the Creativity Jar hath yielded another directive.

Well. To be perfectly honest, I pawed through the slips and pulled out something I wouldn't mind doing this week and that wouldn't require a great investment of time and involved shopping, if I want, but not necessarily so. This week I am to:

Buy a Coloring Book and Crayons and Color!

Of course I bought my coloring book ages ago.

And I have crayons, but I'm thinking I want to color these dragons with pencils and that would require Shopping! I am looking for excuses to drive into town today because I have to make one more visit to the gym in order for my bosses to pay half my monthly membership. Normally it's easy to fit in 2 visits a week or even double up a couple of weeks and get all 8 visits in but being sick 2 weeks in a row has kiboshed that. I don't have to actually exercise – just check in, stroll around the track a time or two and I'll be good for the month. It's only $22 but it comes out of my pay check and I resent paying that $22 much more than say – frittering away the $ on something else. That's a skein of high end hand dyed sock yarn!

Speaking of gyms, I also need new gym shoes. And vacuum cleaner bags. Can't do Saturday housework (won't be doing it anyway – still too tired) without them! Hmm. So. With shopping to do and a brief gym visit and trash to take out, can't forget that. Well. Looks like I'll be hitting the road in an hour or so.

I'm better, btw. Not back to full power but for all intents, ready to go back to work. And I am knitting More Lace. Burgundy mohair/silk sweet delight. I want this one to be beaded too, but I am going to buy better quality beads. Next Saturday I want to visit the folks in Richmond so I'll stop by a Real Bead Store and try some one for size – and color.

So. Happy Saturday to you.

posted by Bess | 7:55 AM