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Wednesday, August 06, 2008  

Rats! I no sooner feel like we're crawling out from under one rock when another tumbles down the mountain and lands on our heads. I'm not using any sort of royal we this time, since I'm talking about a blow the library community just took. For a lot of us small operations, the best solution to our technology needs – MrComputerWizard – was Barry Moore from Vitrutech and I just got an e-mail that he died suddenly on Sunday. This was a fellow my age or maybe even a year or so younger. The vulnerable age when bad things come on lightening bolts – for men, more often than for women. Not only is the loss a cruel blow at life, it's a major hit for the technological security of a good dozen Virginia libraries. Ratsratsratsratsrats.

Do I feel like waxing eloquent? I do not.

I'll give it a try tomorrow.

posted by Bess | 6:44 AM