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Nothin' like family hugs and great food and making memories to restore One's Groove. :-)

Lovely sock, BTW...


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Thursday, August 07, 2008  

Thank you to all who have left me encouraging words as I wallowed through this heavy summer. Your comments have really cheered me up.

Proof of Kniting

I really like this sock. First of all, it's a springy yarn with lots of body – not limp and lifeless like the Christmas sock I'm slogging through - and may give up on because if this has stopped being fun, why am I doing it, right? I mean, knitting is supposed to bring me pleasure!

Well. Suddenly I am so much lighter! I have GOT to remember this. I wonder what puritan was hiding in my ethnic family's woodlot to put such a streak of “If it hurts it must be good for you” in the family DNA? Or should I blame the stars. I'm sure there is some culprit out there I can dump this one on.

Anyway – the above sock is a joy to knit and it's one with a surprise in it. There are short rows on the sole. Yup. Seems like my sock knitting is growing ever looser and the yarn that used to knit up nicely on #3 needles now needs to be knit on smaller needles. For the cuff, the looser knit looks alright and I didn't want to radically change the gauge on the instep by dropping down a needle size, but the sole had to be knit on something much smaller. I went to a #1, liked the density of the fabric and began motoring down to the toes. Only. Only the sole became a lot shorter than the instep and I didn't think it would feel good when worn. Since these socks are for TheQueen herself, well, there isn't that much puritan blood in me nor catholic guilt either. So I put in 2 short rows just before I got to the ball of the foot and everything evened out. I knit the whole toe on #1's and I'll do the second sock with the same needle combination, but I think, unless I have a sport weight yarn, I will not be knitting socks on #3's any more.

You would not believe how many #3 needles I have.

This is TheReunion weekend and two branches of Favorite Cousins are not coming this year. Their absence will create a big hole for BH and me but we will do our dooty and buy lemonade and plates and napkins and be there early to smile hello. And there will be dear cousins we'll enjoy seeing. And heck, we were absent last year. Not every year works for every branch of the family.

What we will get is glorious weather - a week of it if the weather dot com guys are telling the truth. And good weather is enough to make anybody feel sprightly. Who knows – I may even get my groove back, hmmm?

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