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I must admit that I'm a camera dunce, so I can't advise. I am a point-and-click person, struggling to take decent photos of my creations, and to learn to care about lighting etc. Sigh. Bores me to tears.

The lace project, however -- now that is exciting. We've gotta find that pattern!


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008  

Heh. I forgot one thing about Sunday.

I haz family!

And they wanted me to play with them. Be sure – I love my family and am so glad I have one to play with. And I knew that I could play hooky on Monday and be All Alone At Home. So I didn't get too much lace knitting or clay play done till yesterday. And I forgot how tricky polymer clay could be. Or how easy it is to make mistakes in lace knitting.

You can't see these things because I don't have a camera yet. I do have an idea about what I want though. I don't want a teetiny pocket camera, but I'd like something lighter than the one I have. I spent a big chunk of yesterday reading on-line camera reviews. I'm still enamored of Canons and can be pushed a wee bit higher up the price scale, but I can't afford to replace the G2 I own with it's 2008 incarnation. The choice is between

This and This and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the A650. (the one on the left) Buying technology is always such a crap shoot. In the end I tend to get used to what I have.

Woops. Time to walk the dogs. But before I go – how's about this lace project! Pulled from a sock challenge blog from last April – embarrassed to say I don't know whose.

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