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Friday, August 08, 2008  

Give yourself a break if all you've felt like doing lately has been to take some time out. This has actually been the ideal time for you withdraw and retreat from the world, to take some time off the merry-go-round of life to think quietly about the deeper issues we all need to grapple with from time to time. Go with it. Indulge thyself and thy need for mental stillness. PS If you've been not just withdrawn but downright depressed, take heart - this can and even "should" be about to change very soon.

Thank you MsHoroscope. I have been downright depressed and I am so ready for a change. I am ready to be energized and active and creative! To prove it, I finally pulled a slip from the Creativity Jar and here's what the birds have to say:

(Oh - sorry - should have used a bigger font. Guess you'll have to click on the photo.)

Of course I haven't any Sculpy in the house and besides I want to try Fimo instead and the bead option is because I haven't any need for buttons, but I am feeling a bit of bead lust coming on. I bought a little beaded bracelet kit at Walmart that has very cheesy bead needles, one of which will not be threaded – the eye is too small. But the kit has all the correct number of beads so I don't have to buy whole packages of anything – unless, of course, the packaging is as bad as the needle manufacturing . Still and all, I have always wanted to weave a bit of bead jewelry and if it doesn't quite make a bracelet, maybe it will make something else.

These two craft supply deficiencies mean I really must go to Richmond today and since I have the day off and I have promised to drive BH to the hospital in Richmond and there happens to be a craft store on the way well, maybe I will just happen to pick up some needles and some polymer clay. What do you think?

Let us hope that this is the beginning of a groove, hmmm?

posted by Bess | 6:24 AM