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Apparently there are some bad viruses going around that are taking down webpages for a while. seemed to have been hit.

And I've found I can't get my favorite online classical music station (KING fm, out of Seattle) because their site is down.

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William...way cute! Jane

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Friday, July 25, 2008  

Jeez! What is it with TheInternets today? I can barely log on to a web page and when I do it stalls out at least twice? Did I miss some important viral announcement while orchestrating summer reading club activities – like this one:

Yep - a juggler on a unicycle in the library. Just what everybody needs.

Well – dependency on something as ephemeral as this One week more of the summer reading club and then – do things lighten up a little? I don't know. About the time the rush at work subsides a bit the extra summer help goes back to college or off on vacation before high school starts up again. But the extra help this year has been amazingly good – so capable that I can take today off, even though my only other full time staff is also off today. Yup. Off to play with cousin H to celebrate her birthday. We're going to Carytown and act like boulevardiers. That is... if women can be boulevardiers. We shall have a sumptuous luncheon and poke our noses into all the little shops and then tool on home in the late afternoon.

This will be my second trip to the city this week for on Wed, William and I visited my mom

and dad.

Cute, aren't they?

Knitting? Is any knitting getting done? Well. no. I did buy some knitting needles. Well, yes. I did knit two rounds of the lone Christmas Sock. I can only hope that sometime soon either inspiration or industry will ignite. MsHoroscope assures me the stars are arranging just such a surge. Till then – ah well.

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