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I think my totem animal is the bear. But, at least around here, they tend to wander around and knock over garbage cans. OTOH, that does sound relaxing.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008  

You got it Cathy – I have a series of at least 8 planned already, with a few sketches in a notebook along with written ideas. And yes – they just might become wall decorations. I'm getting pretty excited about it all. Be sure, I'll share it all here.

The good news is that all the databases transferred from one program to the next. The expensive, laconic, computer wizard finished up his part of the job by 4 o'clock. Today I wade in and begin setting up parameters: days closed, circulation limits, fines, etc. Later in the afternoon my second in command will come in and we'll practice using everything. Tomorrow the rest of the staff comes in to learn how to work the system. Saturday they get more practice all by their lonesomes – and check in all the books that have been left in the book drop while we've been closed – because I'll be back in Richmond this weekend, moving Mama into her new digs.

We'll open on Monday with a Fine Free Week. Because no matter how much we publicized that we were going to be closed this week – most people didn't know. This will mitigate their disappointment some.

There's a new member of the Bird Family. He came from Culpepper, VA, purchased at a darling little shop: Sara Schneidman Gallery. I love shopping in Culpper – and dining there and the beautiful drive west, out Rt. 3, once you get past Wilderness. He joins the flock as they comment on what the Creativity Jar has to say this week.

“Research and write something about Bald Eagles”.

I live within a corridor that is chock full of these majestic birds. Any boat trip up the Rappahannock River, between Tappahannock and Fredericksburg will thrill you with views of their soaring performance as they wheel about overhead, serenading you with their distinctive call. A pair lives on our farm and I see them daily – perching in the pine tree on the bank of the marsh, swooping down to catch a fish, sometimes, just watching me when I'm working in the garden. I know where their nest is but I stay away from it because I want them to live here always, feeling safe and honored. I take it as a tremendous compliment that they choose to live so close to me.

If I were to have a totem, I am sure it would be the Bald Eagle. But I don't know that much about them – their habits, their needs, their meaning in folk lore. I've always intended to find out about them, but like so many good intentions, that project has remained a paving stone in my life's path. Till now, that is, thanks to the CJ. I'll post my piece here next weekend.

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