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You are such a cheater! I wouldn't have had sense enough to do that. I'm glad I didn't do a jar this year - maybe next.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008  

Three days of perfectly splendid weather and time off at home whirled past so quickly I wonder if they happened a day ago, a week ago or last year sometime. The weight lifting session with the Rug Doctor went victoriously, though not without some muscular suffering and as an indulgence of holiday proportions, I made pizza for dinner. On my chart of gastronomic bliss, there is no higher vibration than bread baked with cheese. It is nigh on to impossible to serve me a bad pizza. I like thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, rosemary crust, flat bread crust. I like mozzarella cheese, I like cheddar cheese, feta cheese, fontina cheese and Stilton cheese. Really – try it sometime. About the only other topping I want on my pizza is onion, and BD, far more of a purist than I, wants no other topping, so when I make my own pizza I make half with onion and he invariably selects that half and then complains that he “doesn't like onions on a pizza.”
Jack and Little Scamp think couches are so much nicer to sleep on after Mama has cleaned them.

I snuggled up around the ibuprofen bottle Saturday night but I didn't let all those stretched muscles go to waste. I got in a good 3 mile hike on Sunday and Monday AND my first dip in the river – cold – lawsee it was cold and I hit some high notes in reaction to the insult of sudden submersion. Little Scamp swam out to see if I was alright, but the home dogs ignored me. They weren't going out in that icy water just to see what sort of tomfoolery Mama was up to. Happily, I live far enough away from anyone that I can make all the noise I want to.
Where I drank my morning coffee on Monday.

BD almost never takes these off-season swims with me and last year he couldn't swim at all – forbidden by eye doctors to get anywhere near the water. He's got the all clear this summer and on Monday we took the boat out to see what the river looks like, then stopped by the swimming beach on the way home. It was very windy though, and swimming was brief and painful, even if exhilarating.

I did have some fun with fiber, though a good deal of the weekend was spent walking from one sparklingly clean room to another, exclaiming “Isn't this house gorgeous?! Doesn't it smell wonderful?!?”, even if nobody else was around to agree with me. I finished up the knitting of cabled clutch #2. I have another to do and am resisting boredom by not casting on anything at all. Instead, I sat down with HeyBaby and that sparkley blue mohair/wool/firestar I bought from Persimmon Tree Farm at MS&W.
Outdoor spinning session with MaySkyBlue fiber.

As if to prove that the holiday was over, yesterday became humid and a little warm. It's back to cool today but the weather dot com guys promise real Virginia summer weather next week. Still and all – 3 days of perfect weather on a weekend is a rare treat and I'm glad I got to enjoy it. Hope you did too.

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