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Saturday, May 10, 2008  

Thanks Cathy. That's just what I thought too, when I saw the single box of rovings in the Peavine Hollow booth. I bought a third of what they had – about 24 ounces of it – enough for a sweater. It was the colors that really drew me in, rich, luscious, like something dug out of the earth. I haven't had much time to spin them but I'll plug away at them each week and by fall I can begin knitting.

I'm off to help sister buy furniture for Mama's new apartment, because Mama is moving next weekend from one AL place to another. Long story – not worth telling, probably not the last one either – but the new place comes unfurnished and neither sister nor I have ever bought furniture before. Yes. 50+ and ++ and we're furniture store virgins. We don't need much – fortunately she already has a bed and a lifting recliner, nor does the stuff have to be furniture for a lifetime – but it must all be wheelchair accessible.

I'll spend the night, visit Dad and do the Mother's Day thing tomorrow morning.

And my cyber twin is, of course, going to be doing the Same Thing this week! So for you, dear C, I offer you this good astro-news:

Mars, the planet of action, moves into marvelously show-y-off-y Leo today ... overall it means we are all going to be a little more out there, a little less defensive, we might spend less time worrying about our families and more time working out how to shine, personally and professionally. For Cancerians and Capricorns in particular, this Mars move is a welcome break, for Leos and Aquarians, it means the Mars madness is just beginning!

Here's what I've been knitting on

There will be a bright red one too - and there will be three of us sporting our clutches around town in a couple of weeks.

- and here is something I might knit out of that Spirit Trail silk I bought (lo those many years ago).

See y'all later, alligators

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