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Hmmm...first read your Monday post late last evening, when I was feeling anything but powerful. Went to bed. Woke to pouring rain and wind. A studio day, methinks...and perhaps that's the best 'change' for now. :-)

But I did glimpse the Full Moon last night...right before it was hidden by our rain clouds!

By Anonymous Marg in Calgary, at 8:08 AM  

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Monday, May 19, 2008  

Oooh la la! Watch out Virgo, here comes a full-on week which brings with it, not only a Full Moon but a couple of massive transits to your Love Zone. In other words, while it's may be not quite as powerful as the eclipses which changed your life in recent years, it is a week when you can do anything as long as it doesn't involve standing still. Harness the powers in the ethers and look at where you want to make a change. You know it's not going to happen by itself, so…

This is from MsHoroscope. Hope the stars will point out the fun path to me – I'm all for a little change now and then, but I want it to be good change. Like the changes we made for Mama the past 2 weeks. Unlike the first time we moved her, all hurried and resisted and at the same time that Daddy was so sick, this time Sister (and her wonderful husband) and I had time to shop and organize and move and hang pictures and make her room totally ready for her so she walked into a lovely space with Brand New Furniture bought Just For Her. Presents are important for mama. I weeded her clothes, which have suffered for their bouts with a commercial laundry. There will have to be a day soon when I do some mega-shopping for her – but I am an inordinately lucky shopper. Evidently it's not limited to wedding shopping – I found all the furniture last weekend in one outlet place and merely had to point it out to sister for her approval. I suspect it's a Virgo gift. She, being a Libra, has to weigh things a bit more than I do.

Of course moving is a slow tedious process and anything involving Mama is about 6 times slower than the anything involving the rest of the world. I'm not really frustrated by this, but sometimes I do forget. We worked straight through yesterday from 8:30 to 3:30 without a lunch break. I was wiped when I got home – 2 hours of driving later. She called around 9, tired but happy in her new surroundings. In a few weeks I will go back and putter about a bit.

So now I get to shift gears back to New Computer Programs.

Gosh! Just think of all the brain cells I'm creating as I push my little cerebellum to accept New Ideas. And yes yes – I have been reading up on bald eagles. Next weekend, when I have cleaned the pit – I will write all about them. I'm off to hang out the next load of laundry now – Ta.

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