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Those mohair colors are so luscious. They're going to make a beautiful sweater. Meanwhile, looks like there will be lots of happy spinning!

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Thursday, May 08, 2008  

May Goals

Thanks for the comments gang. I suffer from serious comment envy so yours are especially welcome.

I have only 2 days this week in the office and, though I was good as gold before MS&W, I still have to make sure everything is in order for next week, when we shut the place down, get in wizards and carpet cleaners, and put in completely new library software. (and learn how to use it before we open back up to the public) Not much time for reflection or literary efforts.

I did make some May goals, which, evidently, is a good thing, since the end of the month Mercury starts going retrograde again, but there are no stellar threats to communication systems for the next few weeks. I can use all the astro-aide I can get too, for sister and I are moving Mama from one AL place to another and this time it involves buying furniture. Odd that two 50+ year olds have never bought furniture before but there it is – we've been salvation army and heirloom decorators all our lives.

Knowing that I don't have much free time this month I have been snatching at every spare minute I can find to play with my MS&W toys. Here are some examples:
Border Leicester that was already on the bobbin - plied up it's as soft and scrunchy as I'd hoped. There's a lot more where that comes from but this is 150 yards.
Mohair/wool blend from Peavine Hollow - though I suspect this particular color has no wool in it - I can't find anything but long silky fibers. The other colors have more of a wooly feel to them.
Especially the brown and peach colors. Here are both the control yarn card and a sample spun and plied. The goal is a sweater in all the colors by Christmas.

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